Inspired by her work with the Centre for the Humanities and Medicine (CHM) at the University of Hong Kong, Valerie Doran’s interdisciplinary project STIGMATICS will run from 9 to 31 March 2012. It incorporates two exhibitions and a discussion forum, held on 22 March 2012.

Angela Su, still from 'The Hartford Girl and Other Stories', 2011, multi-media installation.

Doran aims to show the varied facets of body modification as it exists in our society, from the practice of tattooing to more extreme self-mutilation and self-harm. She sees these as an increasingly emergent trend in contemporary society, with profound implications for art as well as society at large.

The project is a collaboration between artist Angela Su, musician and activist Wong Ah-Kok, cultural historian Sander L. Gilman and curator Valerie Doran. It will showcase two exhibitions, Su’s ‘The Hartford Girl and Other Stories’ at Gallery Exit and the sound and image installation ‘A Tacit Knowledge’ by Wong at Experimenta Gallery. Gilman, a fellow at CHM known for his contributions to medical history, will deliver a lecture on the cultural history of body modification and its relation to contemporary society on 22 March at Asia Art Archive.

Stay tuned to Art Radar in the month of April when we will follow up on this groundbreaking exhibition.


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