The list of artists for the 2012 edition of the Contemporary Australia triennial exhibition has been announced. The expansive showcase, themed “Women”, will run from 21 April to 22 July 2012 at the Gallery of Modern Art (GOMA) in Brisbane, Queensland.

Deborah Kelly, still from 'Beastliness', 2011, video.

Below is a list of the 33 artists and collectives in alphabetical order, along with the states or territories of Australia from which they hail:

Kirsty Bruce, 'Untitled', 2009, acrylic and watercolour on canvas.

The second in the triennial series, “Contemporary Australia: Women” will showcase over 70 new and recent works in a wide range of media. The exhibition will bring together a comprehensive group of artists, both established and emerging, and will also include several Indigenous artists, such as senior painters from Tjala Arts of South Australia’s Amata community, who will collaborate on a group of artworks.

The organisers hope to encapsulate the diversity of styles and issues that are dealt with by women artists in Australia. According to Queensland Art Gallery Director Tony Ellwood, these themes include “‘performing’ femininity; the place of personal and intimate spheres such as sexuality, the body, motherhood and ageing; the return to everyday materials; and the ways some artists are ‘redressing the canon’ of painting.”

Sally Smart, installation view of 'In Her Nature', 2011, synthetic polymer paint on canvas and fabric with collage elements.

In addition to the traditional exhibition, the opening weekend will include the project “Embodied Acts”, a series of performance pieces from several young art collectives. As part of the exhibition, producer and movie critic Margaret Pomeranz will also curate a film program highlighting the portrayal of women in Australian cinema. Male and female directors will be evenly represented in the program’s schedule.

Parachutes for Ladies, photo of performance piece, 'I thought a musical was being made', 2010, semi-participatory performance and audio guide.

The Contemporary Australia triennial series features works created by local artists of diverse backgrounds in collaboration with the Gallery of Modern Art. Australian Art Minister Rachel Nolan, speaking on the exhibitions, called them “the most extensive regular presentation of contemporary Australian art in the country.” The exhibitions also help to enrich one of Australia’s most important collections of contemporary Australian art.

This year’s show represents a shift in thematic direction from the series’ first iteration in 2008-09,  which was entitled, “Contemporary Australia: Optimism”. That exhibition included works of contemporary Australian art that dealt with the idea of “optimism” as it relates to the world today.

Natalya Hughes, 'Flaccid Lake', 2008, oil on linen.

“Contemporary Australia: Women” will run from 21 April to 22 July 2012 at the Gallery of Modern Art, part of the Queensland Art Gallery. The opening weekend will feature a full list of programming, including an in-conversation hosted by Margaret Pomeranz and featuring special guests.


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