“Millennium Magazines”, an exhibition of experimental art and design magazines from the year 2000 onward, is currently running at MoMA from 20 February to 14 May 2012. The show includes a number of journals that are from Asia or are about contemporary Asian art.

Cover of Bidoun Magazine, issue no. 11.

Art Radar went through the collection and picked out the magazines that either deal exclusively with contemporary Asian art or are published in Asia.

1. Bidoun Magazine | Middle Eastern art magazine

Bidoun Magazine covers contemporary artists from the Middle East. It is part of Bidoun Projects, an organisation that sponsors a variety of curatorial and educational programs about contemporary Middle Eastern culture.

2. Graphic | graphic design publication from South Korea

Published in Seoul, Graphic is a bilingual quarterly that dedicates every issue to a single, non-mainstream trend in graphic design.

Cover of Graphic, Issue 21, from March 2012.

3. Here and There | contemporary culture magazine from Japan

Here and There is Japanese artist Nakako Hayashi’s personal project documenting the culture that surrounds her in an almost diary-like style.

4. The National Grid | New Zealand-based graphic design fanzine

Founded in 2006 by Luke Wood and Jonty Valentine, The National Grid is dedicated to “projects and writing that were considered to be untenable within [New Zealand’s] peculiar national context.”

Screenshot of The National Grid's 'about us' page. Click for larger image.

5. Pages | bilingual magazine with a focus on Iranian art

Pages magazine, in Farsi and English, is part of an ongoing project by artists Nasrin Tabatabai and Babak Afrassiabi to examine how the interaction of local discourses can generate critical practices.

Masthead for Pages magazine.

6. Picnic Magazine | Israeli image magazine

Composed entirely of images, Picnic Magazine covers a wide range of contemporary culture, aspiring to be “a visual guide to your new reality”.

7. White Fungus | art magazine based in Taichung, Taiwan

Conceived in Wellington, New Zealand as a “quasi political manifesto” by brothers Ron and Mark Hanson, the first edition of this culture magazine was delivered in Christmas wrapping paper, anonymously thrown through the entrances of various businesses.

Cover of White Fungus, Issue 8. The cover of every issue is a scan of the label of a can of white fungus found in a supermarket in Taichung, Taiwan.

You can read the complete list of galleries included in the exhibition on the show’s website.

Organised by Rachael Morrison and David Senior, “Millennium Magazines” seeks to explore “the various ways in which contemporary artists and designers utilise the magazine format as an experimental space for the presentation of artworks and text.” The exhibition featured 100 journals in total. All of the texts in the show are drawn from the Museum of Modern Art Library and cover a diverse range of journalistic styles, from experimental art criticism to image-only documentaries.

With only seven magazines dealing with or based in the region, Asian magazines were a notable minority in the exhibition. Were there any periodicals they missed that you would have included? Leave us a comment below with your recommendations.


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By Brittney

Brittney is a writer, curator and contemporary art gallerist. Born in Singapore and based in New York City, Brittney maintains a deep interest in the contemporary art landscape of Southeast Asia. This is combined with an equally strong interest in contemporary art from the Asian diasporas, alongside the issues of identity, transmigration and global relations.

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