Lado Sarai, one of India’s newest gallery districts, is holding nine exhibition openings in one night on 5 April 2012, an event certain to attract art professionals and enthusiasts alike. Come out and see for yourself what New Delhi contemporary art has to offer.

Vasudha Thozhur, 'The Anatomy of Celebration', 2010, inkjet print with UV balanced ink on aluminium composite board. Part of the artist's upcoming exhibition, 'The Anatomy of Celebration or The Party Plot', to début at Art Nite.

Started in August 2011, Art Nite has quickly become one of the most important evenings on New Delhi’s contemporary art calendar. The quarterly event is situated in Lado Saria, New Delhi’s emergent contemporary art district that has sprung up over the last few years. Indian young professionals are demonstrating a growing taste for contemporary art and events like Art Nite are appealing ways to attract a new crowd of contemporary art devotees.

Art Nite also gives attendees the chance to visit a diverse range of exhibitions all in one go. While Lado Saria has hosted Art Nites in the past, this week’s event is the first time nine galleries have all coordinated to open new exhibitions at the same time.

Here are the exhibition previews on tap for April 2012’s Art Nite:

Abadi Art Space | “Entrapment”

An exhibition of works from Delhi-based photographer Sandeep Biswas. The show, which includes photography, video and installation, explores urban landscapes to reveal how social pressures of modern life can leave the individual feeling alienated and trapped.

Nandan Ghiya, 'Download Error', 2011, acrylic paint on photograph.

Exhibit 320 | “His-story and Her-story

Curated by Ranjita Chaney, “His-story and Her-story” is a collective account of the four contemporary artists exploring personal narratives. Nandan Ghiya, Princess Pea, Sumakshi Singh and Sachin George Sebastian reflect on events in their own lives and what those episodes reveal about contemporary life.

Gallery Ragini | “Pic (sale)”

A solo show, exhibiting installations and paper works by Saptarshi Das.

Latitude 28 | “The Anatomy of Celebration or The Party Plot”

An exhibition of photos and four videos from artist Vasudha Thozhur. Thozhur lives next to a “party plot,” a public space where weddings and other celebratory functions are held. In this context, the artist ruminates on the nature of these celebrations and their participants, examining the role they play in Indian social and political life.

Kanta Kishore Moharana, 'Exploitation', 2009, fibre and bronze.

Studio Art | “……..In Progress”

A group show of works by Kanta Kishore Moharana, Shailesh Ojha, Pitambar Khan and Sujit Karmakar.

Dilip Ranade, 'Wedding', 2009, water colour on paper.

Gallery Threshold | “The Decrypted Self”

Solo show of drawings, watercolours and paintings by Dilip Ranade, Senior Curator of European Paintings at the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya in Mumbai.

Wonderwall | “Faith – The Endless Journey”

An exhibition of photographs by Ajay Rajgarhia, Amit Pasricha, Bijoy Chowdhury, Karan Khanna, Malkiat Singh, Ram Rahman, Saadiya Kochar and Vikas Malhotra.

Lado Serai’s Art Night kicks off at all nine galleries at 6:30pm on Thursday 5 April 2012.


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