Now in its sixth edition, Art Beijing 2012 ran for three days from 30 April to 2 May. Art Radar stopped by the fair on the final afternoon and went hunting for red dots. Below we post images of some of what was sold at the fair, how much it sold for and by whom it was sold.

Galleries in attendance were largely Chinese, as was the vast majority of the art. Though Wednesday marked the end of China’s May Day public holiday and a return to work for most, the fair was still bustling with visitors. Overall sales were varied. Some galleries were without a single red dot while others had clearly sold all of the work on display in their booth.

Zhu Wei (b. 1966, China) , 'China China No. 2', 2008, aluminium and lacquer paint. Sold by Linda Gallery for RMB740,000 (approx. USD117,900). Image by Art Radar.

Jing Zhiyong (b. 1986, China), 'Fate of the Life', 2011, acrylic on canvas. Sold by Asia Art Centre for RMB45,000 (approx. USD7,100). Image by Art Radar.

Yang Dongxue (b. 1984, China), 'Woman and Road Roller', 2012, mixed media. Sold by Yan Club Arts Centre for RMB80,000 (approx. USD12,700). Image by Art Radar.

Zhang Kai (b. 1971, China), 'The Beauty in my Heart', 2011, oil on canvas. Sold by Triumph Art Space for RMB200,000 (approx. USD31,900). Image by Art Radar.

Yin Zhaoyang (b. 1970, China), 'Pine Along Rock Cliff', 2012, oil on canvas. Sold by Lin & Lin Gallery. Image by Art Radar.

Lai Chiu-Chen (b. 1970, Taiwan), 'Spring Tour – The Queen Ship Around the World', 2011, acrylic and charcoal on canvas. Sold by Lin & Lin Gallery for RMB140,000 (approx. USD22,300). Image by Art Radar.

Tang Zhigang (b. 1959, China), 'Conference', 2012, limited edition silk screen. Sold by Sanban Studio for RMB30,000 (approx. USD4,800). Image by Art Radar.

Incze Mózes (b. 1975, Romania), 'Incognito', 2012, oil on canvas. Sold by Forrás Galéria. Image by Art Radar.

Bai Lei (b. 1963, China), 'Landscape I' and 'Landscape II', 2012, porcelain. Sold by F Fine Gallery for RMB360,000 each (approx. USD57,400). Image by Art Radar.

Zhou Chunya (b. 1955 China), 'Green Dog Transforms into Taihu Stone', 2005, copper. Sold by William Art Salon for RMB800,000 (approx. USD127,500). Image by Art Radar.

Founded in 2006, Art Beijing is one of China’s largest art fairs. 2012 saw a total of 200 galleries in attendance at the 20,000 square metre Agricultural Exhibition Centre and, for the first time, organisers combined the city’s previously separate annual contemporary and fine art fairs into one event, jointly branded as Art Beijing. Galleries were housed in two pavilions: the Contemporary Art building and the Classic Art building. Classic Art included traditional Chinese and Western painting, decorative art and furniture. The fair also featured a VIP education forum and several themed exhibitions.

Were you at Art Beijing 2012? Leave a comment below telling us what you thought of this year’s fair.


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