Chinese art company Affordable Art China Ltd (AAC) will launch an art fair in Hong Kong in 2013. As stated in a press release that was sent out to the media on 16 May 2012, the new fair will focus on emerging artists and sell contemporary art works at “accessible prices”.

'Tug of War' by Cao Xihui. One of the works on show at Affordable Art Beijing 2012.

'Tug of War' by Cao Xihui, one of the works on show at Affordable Art Beijing 2012.

From the release,

The company, led by Beijing‐based CEO Tom Pattinson, is in final stage talks with venues in Hong Kong and will be working with deluxewords, the publisher of Quintessentially Asia Magazine as its media partner for next year’s launch event. The title of the Hong Kong event will be announced shortly.

Affordable Art Beijing, a major annual art fair selling contemporary art, was launched by AAC in 2006. The first AAC Shanghai fair will be held later in 2012 and the Hong Kong event will premiere in the first half of 2013.

Tom Pattinson, CEO of Affordable Art China said: ‘The success of the events in mainland China has demonstrated the demand for accessible contemporary fine art in the region and Hong Kong is now a major focus for us as we launch our first event in this territory.’

The release goes on to say that AAC’s announcement has been ‘warmly received in Hong Kong’s art community, quoting local and international gallery representatives and artists.’

We do not participate in other art fairs in Hong Kong because they are too expensive and demand extremely high fees from exhibitors. It will be a very positive development to have an event that caters to emerging artists from all over Asia.

– Kyoko Fujita, Kumquat Gallery

Events that make art more accessible to new collectors and help emerging artists develop a following are crucial to the health and vigour of the artistic community. We welcome the launch of the Hong Kong event and hope that it helps to further develop the thriving Asian art market.

– Nikki Bell of British art-duo Langlands & Bell

I am extremely supportive of any initiative that brings artists and the public together. There are a huge number of people interested in the arts in Hong Kong and to offer more people a chance to be involved, to own and discover new work, is very positive for our culture here as a whole. Hong Kong’s apartment walls will rejoice.

– Hong Kong based photographer William Furniss

Numerous art fairs have been inaugurated in Hong Kong in the last few years. Examples include a new breed of hotel art fairs such as Hong Kong Contemporary, set to launch on 17 May 2012 at the The Park Lane Hotel, and Spoon Art Fair, which will run from 18 to 20 May 2012 at the Grand Hyatt Hong Kong.


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