On the final day of ART HK 12, Art Radar journalists were canvassing galleries and asking dealers about their fair experience. Of the gallerists we spoke with on the day, nearly all reported two or more sold works. We have some of the details from these sales below.

A scene from inside ART HK 12.

All of the following sales figures were given on Sunday 20 May 2012.

Francesca Minini, a gallery based in Milan, sold two works by Giulo Frigo for USD4,000 each.

Argentinian gallery Ignacio Liprandi Contemporary Art sold two collages by Jorge Pedro Núñez for USD2,800 a piece.

London’s Green Cardamom brought installations from Pakistani artist Ali Kazim which were priced within the range of GBP10,000-25,000 (USD15,800-39,500). They sold one piece, with three more on hold.

Art Informal from the Philippines sold their entire installation from Jose Santos III as a whole for USD150,000.

Mumbai-based Volte Gallery sold three works that were not on display, including one work by Ranbir Kaleka for USD350,000.

Arario Gallery sold an undisclosed number of smaller pieces with prices ranging from USD10,000-50,000.

Australian gallery GBK sold twenty works for between AUD3,000-40,000 (USD3,000-39,500). These included a sculpture by Claire Healy and Sean Cordeiro for AUD35,000 (USD34,600); an oil painting by Hitesh Natalwala for AUD6,000 (USD5,900); and a work by Grant Stevens for AUD10,000 (USD9,900).

Scotland’s Ingleby Gallery sold eight pieces with prices in the range of GBP1,200-50,000 (USD1,900-79,100).

Paul Kasmin Gallery of New York reported selling three works in the range of USD35,000-850,000.

Hong Kong and US based de Sarthe Gallery also sold three artworks with prices between USD2million-5 million.

Silverlens Gallery from the Philippines sold around seventy percent of what they brought to the fair, with pieces priced within the range of USD500-20,000.

You can read our sales figures from days one and two here.


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