CAA-published directories for art history and visual art graduate programmes in five countries are now available.

The directories feature 650 graduate programmes in fine art and design, art and architectural history, curatorial studies and arts administration, for institutions across the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand.

Covers of a couple of the CAA guides (2011).

Covers of the CAA guides (2011). Images courtesy CAA.

According to the CAA,

Graduate Programmes in Art History covers four programme types: History of Art and Architecture, Arts Administration, Curatorial and Museum Studies, and Library Science. This directory integrates programmes in visual studies into History of Art and Architecture. Similarly, Graduate Programmes in the Visual Arts comprises four programme types: Studio Art and Design, Art Education, Conservation and Historic Preservation, and Film Production. Studio Art and Design combines programmes in fine art, digital media, and illustration with those in graphic, industrial, interactive, and object design.

As some of the online samples show, the directories list curricula, faculty specialisations and admission and degree requirements for prospective graduate students. This provides scholars of art, art historians and art critics, as well as art lovers and practitioners with key professional references and opportunities for fellowships and assistantships.

Click here to purchase a directory on the CAA website.

According to the publishers, the 2012 edition of these guides will be available in Fall 2012, but a publication date is yet to be set.

About CAA

CAA is well known for publishing several academic journals dedicated to modern and contemporary art and visual culture, such as the must-read Art Journal and The Art Bulletin. The association also hosts a reputable annual convention for makers and interpreters of visual art and visual culture.

Based in New York since 1911, members of the College Art Association include:

Over 12,000 artists, art historians, scholars, curators, critics, collectors, educators, publishers, and other professionals in the visual arts [who] belong as individual members. Another 2,000 departments of art and art history in colleges and universities, art schools, museums, libraries, and professional and commercial organisations hold institutional memberships.


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