Art Taipei 2012 holds special appeal for over 200 international galleries.

After a successful 2011 event, which reportedly saw 45,000 visitors, Art Taipei is launching in 2012 with twenty more galleries and a third fair section, aiming to “provide a broader view and more diversified art to satisfy the coveted collectors from all over the world.”

One of numerous promotional images for Art Taipei 2012.

One of numerous promotional images for Art Taipei 2012.

After rounds of strict, intensive reviews, eighty foreign galleries and local galleries were selected from more than 200 galleries, encompassing four continents and sixteen countries/regions, including China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Lebanon, Australia, Greece, Austria, Germany, France, England, America and Taiwan.


Art Taipei Forum media

Art Taipei, formerly known as Taipei Art Fair International, dubs itself the longest-established art fair in Asia. Organised by Taiwan Art Gallery Association since 1992, Art Taipei 2012 will hold its nineteenth annual event from 9 to 12 November 2012 at the Taipei World Trade Centre.

Since the burgeoning of the Taiwanese art market in the 1980s, Art Taipei has become an observatory for both Southeast and Northeast Asian art and claims to be, particularly for Asia-based collectors, a landmark event.

… Taiwanese collectors occupy more than half of the buyers of Hong Kong’s artwork auction market. The biggest market of China’s and Japan’s contemporary art lies in Taiwan…. Without a doubt, Taiwan is the most open and mature art market across the Asian region. In recent years, Taiwan has extended its connections beyond Asia…. As the most important platform for Taiwan to engage in international interactions, Art Taipei has displayed a remarkable effect that, according to some galleries and art media based in Asia, surpasses that of ART HK, and is hence praised as the art fair that best demonstrates the true value of Asia.


Art Taipei Forum media

In addition to the galleries, the Art Taipei Forum will return in November 2012, along with other events including Art Lecture, Art Film and the Docent Programme.


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