“No Country” is the first in the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative exhibition series.

The Guggenheim, New York, has announced the artist list for their upcoming show, “No Country: Contemporary Art for South and Southeast Asia”, which will run from 22 February to 22 May 2013 before possible stops in Hong Kong and Singapore. Art Radar has the full list of 22 artists and collectives below.

Poklong Anading, 'Counter Acts', 2004 (production detail), black-and-white photographic transparency in light box, four parts, 228.6 x 121.9 cm each, edition 2/3. © Poklong Anading. Image courtesy the artist.

June Yap, the curator of the exhibition, spent three months in South and Southeast Asia scouting artists for this first show in the Guggenheim UBS MAP Global Art Initiative. The artists she selected, revealed in a January 2013 Guggenheim press release, include

Though the exhibition includes a wide range of artistic practices, nationalities and ages, notably, twelve of the exhibition’s 22 artists were born in the 1970s (including the members of The Propeller Group) and none were born after 1980, which focuses the exhibition on mid- to late-career artists.

Yap hopes the exhibition will push back on the reductive practice of looking at South and Southeast Asian artists primarily through the lens of their nationalities. As she said,

In this exhibition, the intention is both to present the range of aesthetic developments and subjects of interest to contemporary artists, and at the same time to challenge the privileging of nation and national narrative as the basis for understanding aesthetic practices from different countries.

Nationality as a theme will not be entirely absent from the show. According to the release, the exhibition will address issues of “concepts of nation, identity, and religion; cross-cultural encounter and negotiation; and historical interpretation and narrative.”


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