Which photographers should you follow on Instagram for the best taste of Indian life and times?

Art Radar presents a list of 8 accounts portraying India that are a treat to follow. Not all belong to professional photographers, nor do they follow a single line of themes, but each highlights facets of the world that we all occupy but often forget to really live in.

Screenshot of Mansi Midha's Instagram feed.

Screenshot of Mansi Midha’s Instagram feed.

Mansi Midha @mansimidha

Mansi Midha is an independent photographer and was one of the organisers of the Delhi Photo Festival in 2013. There’s a certain softness with which Mansi Midha approaches her photographs that gives them an extremely palpable feel, almost as though they replay themselves in front of one’s eyes. Her frames are intriguing and her photographs a perfect balance between abstract and realist.

George Koruth @fotobaba

George Koruth is a documentary and travel photographer based in India. A browse through his photostream takes us to streets of cities and towns all over the country. Koruth’s use of light and colours makes his portraits captivating photographic storytelling of the streets.

Poulomi Basu @poulomi07

Poulomi Basu posts on her Instagram fairly regularly and provides snapshots into her work as an international photojournalist. Her work as a VII mentor in India has taken her on assignments for The New York Times, Monocle, The Guardian, Marie Claire and UNESCO, among others. Her photos are full of drama and tension.

Chandan Khanna @khannachandan

Chandan Khanna is an AFP photojournalist based in New Delhi and uses only his iPhone for his Instagram feed. His work portrays the bits of Dilli that get lost behind the cover of Delhi that we pull over our eyes in search of the glitz of “progress”. Khanna’s photographs capture the intrinsic quirks of the average Indian’s days as beautifully as they capture the minutiae of people’s faces.

Screenshot of Atul Kasbekar's Instagram feed.

Screenshot of Atul Kasbekar’s Instagram feed.

Atul Kasbekar @atulkasbekar

Atul Kasbekar is one of India’s finest fashion photographers. He uses Instagram to share photographs that aren’t restricted to fashion photography – a part of his portfolio that we don’t generally get to see. His art and style of photography hardly needs an introduction and getting to see his skills beyond  beyond the pages of a fashion magazine is refreshing.

Siddhartha Joshi @siddharthajoshi

When we think of photographing India, we think of a riot of colours. These colours populate photographer Siddhartha Joshi’s Instagram feed, which takes us to temples, forts, beaches, and small towns, and shows us how there’s a story in every nook of the country. Joshi’s images are clean and fuss-free, and almost startling in their brightness.

Sayantoni Palchoudhuri @sayantoni

Sayantoni describes herself as a “photo maker”. She has a personal feed which reflect her travels, her assignments as a photographer and beautiful family homes. There’s a sense of nostalgia running through most of the photographs, and it is this looking back at the old school that makes her work so endearing.

Dayanita Singh @dayanitasingh

Dayanita Singh is a name that needs no introduction. Her Instagram account is a beautiful peek into her oeuvre. It features snippets from her past and recent works and also scenes from her exhibitions. More than her photography, her feed is a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into the making of her art.

Bedatri D. Choudhury


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