The third part of our holiday art gifts series for 2014 features 7 contemporary art courses.

The holiday season is coming up soon, and Art Radar has compiled a list of some of the most interesting contemporary art courses for 2015, offering insight and critical knowledge on contemporary art history. 

Tate Modern, London. © Hans Peter Schaefer/WikiCommons 2001

Ai Weiwei’s ‘Sunflower Seeds’ at Tate Modern, 2011. © Andy Miah/Flickr 2011

1. Art Radar | Diploma in Art Journalism & Writing

The Art Radar Diploma course is an excellent way to develop your art career, connect with people interested in art and learn how to write about art in a critically engaging way. The course will let you experience life as a real art journalist, benefit from personal feedback from our course tutors and get the satisfaction of seeing your work published on Art Radar at the end of the course. Sign up today!

2. MoMA | MoMA Courses Online

New York’s Museum of Modern Art offers seven online courses on art history and practice. Students can choose to take a course in five, eight or ten weeks, and have the option of following a group of other students or learning independently and taking advantage of the discounted prices. Visit their website to learn more about the courses offered, starting dates and FAQs.

Tom Quad at Christ Church, University of Oxford. © Toby Ord/WikiCommons 2004

Tom Quad at Christ Church, University of Oxford. © Toby Ord/WikiCommons 2004

3. University of Oxford | Learning to Look at the Visual Arts (Online)

The prestigious University of Oxford offers a number of online courses on art history from ancient to modern. One of the most basic courses, “Learning to Look at the Visual Arts” is about the qualities that make up a picture, how these qualities relate to each other to create the aesthetic appearance of the image, and how to understand the subject matter and visual meaning of an image. Other courses offered include Learning to Look at Modern Art, spanning modern and contemporary art history from 1900 to the present, and several other options in classical art history, such as Islamic and Asian art. The next “Learning to Look at the Visual Arts” course starts on 19 January 2015.

4. Christie’s Education | The London Art Course: Modern & Contemporary Art

The 22-week programme at Christie’s Education in London is designed to give a comprehensive introduction on modern and contemporary art. Illustrated lectures are combined with gallery visits, which provide students with the analytical tools to further explore the field beyond the classroom. While the course spans three terms, students have the choice of attending only one or two of them, depending on their needs and interests. Courses are also offered in New York and Hong Kong. The next term in London is coming up soon, starting on 21 January 2015.

Nam June Paik's 'Megatron Matrix' at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2012. © Ryan Somma/Flickr 2012

Nam June Paik’s ‘Megatron Matrix’ at the Smithsonian American Art Museum, 2012. © Ryan Somma/Flickr 2012

5. Sotheby’s Institute of Art | Online Courses

The Sotheby’s Institute of Art features a wide range of courses on art and art history, from ancient to contemporary. Courses can be taken on site in London, New York, Los Angeles and China, as well as online. The Online Courses offer modules on the history of art from Impressionism to Conceptualism and contemporary art to the present. Other modules explore art as an investment, introduce art writing and art as a global business. The next six-week online courses for Winter and Spring 2015 are coming up soon, and the deadline for getting a discounted rate on the course fees is 19 December 2014.

6. Saylor Academy | ARTH408: Contemporary Art

The Saylor Academy offers several free online college-level courses that are based on majors at traditional United States colleges, and their curriculums are developed in collaboration with university and college faculty members or subject experts. Among their many courses on art, the ARTH408: Contemporary Art spans Modernism in the 1960s to contemporary art in a global world in the 21st century up until 2010. The focus is on Western art, but the course also explores a selection of artistic practices from around the globe, such as one on Nam June Paik.

Tate Modern, London. © Hans Peter Schaefer/WikiCommons 2001

Tate Modern, London. © Hans Peter Schaefer/WikiCommons 2001

7. Khan Academy/TATE | Online Courses

London’s Tate offers a variety of courses on location, as well as online courses on artist and drawing techniques and methods. Tate has also partnered with the Khan Academy, a non-profit educational organisation that produces micro-lectures in YouTube video format, in addition to practice exercises and other tools on the website. The courses are all free of charge and accessible to anyone around the world. Among the courses offered by Tate are “Global Modernisms”, which looks at the multitude of modern and contemporary practices around the world, and “Performance and Participation”, which focuses on performance art.

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