With the rapid expansion of the use of the internet, both internet security and broadband have become so important. Now, having access to the internet is seen as a basic human right alongside food and shelter as it is such a necessity for a basic decent quality of life. Technology took the world by storm with some of its incredible advancements and it becomes more important to society each passing day, if we were to lose the internet and the technology that allowed us access to the internet then our lives as we know them would change drastically. Although the majority of people will have a broadband provider many people don’t actually know what broadband is, how it works and why it’s so important. Many people also don’t understand just how important internet security laws are for our protection, so we’ve summed up all the most useful information on these topics.


Broadband is the newest, quickest, and most efficient way to connect people worldwide to the internet network allowing them to access all of the services the internet has to offer. It replaced older methods such as the dial-up which prevented your phone from working whilst you were using the internet, a concept that seems bizarre to many of us today. Broadband is now connected 24/7 so it’s thanks to this that you’re able to stream movies all night long. It’s really advanced technology as it allows data to travel from its starting point to its destination without causing any blockages in the network meaning everyone can access the internet at the same time. There are several types of broadband as how fast and how well it works depends on the area so newer developments created new types of broadbands for those who live in areas that suffered from slow connections. Broadband has become one of the most important things in our society, so much so that several cities and countries worldwide have started providing high-speed broadband to all of their citizens, this is because many people cannot afford it and it’s just as much a necessity as providing things such as free healthcare. If someone is unemployed for example, to receive welfare they usually have to complete forms, most of which are now online. This is not possible without an internet connection so by providing free broadband to everyone they’re getting rid of potential inequality problems.

Internet Security

As the internet has become a bigger thing in everybody’s lives, internet security has also increased with importance. People are providing websites online with more personal information and data than ever before, so this means that internet security laws have to keep up with the changes to keep this data safe. For example, most people keep their money in bank accounts now and make most purchases via a debit or credit card rather than cash, most things are done electronically which leaves people at risk of hacking. Hackers could hack into your bank account and steal your money which is much easier than mugging you and stealing it, and it’s also something you can’t protect yourself against. It is up to governments worldwide to keep updating their internet security laws so that companies have to abide by them which allows your data to be kept safe.

Broadband Firm Fighting For Stricter Laws

Virgin Media offers many services, from cable TV to mobile phone services and one of their most popular packages is broadband. They provide broadband to over 5 million homes in the UK, this makes it one of the most popular broadband firms in the UK. They’re well known for their faultless high-speed broadband that rarely even runs into issues and doesn’t really struggle from connection problems. They’re also a customer favorite as they’re currently fighting for increased internet security laws as protecting their customers is of utmost importance to them. They understand how seriously customers take their privacy and after witnessing many data scandals and cyberattacks over the last few years, Virgin Media don’t want to see their customers being a victim of one of these attacks. Data scandals can occur for reasons such as targeted marketing or it can be much more sinister, things like identity theft and computer damage. As a tech company, it is also important for their reputation and their company’s success that they do everything they possibly can to provide protection for their customers and this had led them to be passionate about the importance of internet security laws.

How to Choose a Broadband

If you’re looking to purchase new broadband it can be really hard to decide which broadband provider is best for you. This is a really important decision as there’s nothing more frustrating than a slow internet connection and you don’t want to be stuck in a contract that’s not good enough for you for years. Luckily, there are some of the best broadband deals in the uk just now so you’ll have plenty of choice for a great deal no matter what your requirements are. If you want a broadband provider that cares for its customers then Virgin Media is the obvious choice, but other things to take into account when choosing broadband is what speed you’ll need. You’ll need a different speed depending on your needs, if you’re a student or work from home then there will be tailored packages online for you.

By Brittney

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