The video streaming platform Twitch grew to about 15 million users a day only a decade ago, and it continues to grow significantly. As part of this change, Twitch streamers are expanding their focus from gaming to broader topics and are engaging with brands to promote themselves in unconventional ways, which makes it tougher than ever before to stand out against other Twitch streamers. The best way to attract new viewers and leave a lasting impression is by placing your channel right at the top of the page. Twitch’s banners are the most prominent graphical asset it has, and that’s why top streamers have taken full advantage of it to engage with their fans. Your Twitch banner is one of the most effective way to define the content of your Twitch channel. We can help you identify which way is right for you. This article is going to walk you through the physical dimensions and sizes of a Twitch banner, how to tell good banners from bad ones, and what to do when designing your own

An overview of Twitch profile design

Twitch profiles offer a number of customizable features that you can make use of to promote your personal brand. The banner is one of these features, but it is the biggest and most imposing one, so it should be prominent and There are also the following on the list.

The elements of a brand need to work together in order to form an impressive brand. It’s important not to undervalue the power of good branding on Twitch — it can greatly increase your channel’s success.

Twitch banner size and dimensions

380 pixels x 1200 pixels is the suggested Twitch banner size.

Ideally, the pixels should be 1920px by 480px for offline use, HD and full monitors the quality will be reduced on larger displays.

It is also possible to upload files in GIF, JPEG, or PNG format, but not more than 10MB in size. Don’t forget to keep the banner’s large scale in mind. The problem is caused by Twitch banners aligned with the left side of the user interface, which causes stretching on the right. Keep graphics and branding on the left so they will be easily visible in all browsers, regardless of the browser size and resolution.

What content do you need on your banner?

When it comes to content, you want to showcase your brand as much as possible along with where viewers. The first thing you need is a cool graphic design or illustration for your banner. You should put your logo on the banner if you have one. Don’t forget to include information like your name, your channel URL, your schedule, and your social media links. Please feel free to add partners and sponsors, though make sure they do not dominate the design.

What makes a good Twitch banner design?

It’s important to understand the goals of an effective Twitch banner design in order to create one that is successful. You want your banner design to speak to who you are, set expectations for what your content will be, and inspire people. The truth is that a banner may look good, but it won’t generate traffic unless it is optimized to reach these objectives. Taking that into account, a successful Twitch banner should consist of…

Audience appropriate

In order to create effective Twitch banners, the design decisions are deliberate based on taking into account how your viewers are using Twitch and what kind of content they want to see. You should adapt your design to the exact mood of games you play on your channel if your focus is a certain genre. While retaining your own uniqueness, make sure your banner is a window into those worlds.


In order to maintain attention and lead the eye to important information, Twitch banners should avoid graphics that clog up the screen and overstimulating color schemes. Making use of white space and keeping your text usage minimal are your best friends. The rule of thirds — dividing the banner into horizontal and vertical diagonals of three — will help you align your text and graphics in a way that maximizes the sense of balance. You should make sure your Twitch page is clear and easy to view. Visitors spend up to 15 seconds scanning Twitch pages.


It can be tempting to design the banner overly extravagantly and to emphasize its visual impact over brand consistency owing to its size and graphical prominence. It’s easy to find ways to communicate the category of your Twitch channel and how you are perceived as an individual by using consistent fonts, color palettes, and graphics. Consistency is the key to creating When left to its own devices, color conveys a great deal of personality, mood, and emotional depth. Including colors you might use for graphics (e.g., illustrated characters or logos for sponsors) is a good way to locate complementary and elevating tones. The use of bold colors may suggest a strong personality that is better suited for action and combat, while fantastical designs may entice an audience of RPG enthusiasts.


Characters are easily remembered and can easily be associated with your channel when they see a ferocious mascot. In the case of an avatar-free look, bear in mind how dominant design trends throughout your community might affect how you present yourself. The most memorable Twitch banners stand out from the rest and don’t blend in. Perhaps it would be helpful to examine the options available to you and find out what doesn’t work. Having a large logo for each character is obnoxious, don’t you think? What about bright colors on the channel? Do they distract you from other content? Is it because the banners are plain and monotone that the feeling is that there isn’t It is important to create a Twitch banner that describes your personality, and your design preferences can define your style.

Best practices for your Twitch banner design

Let’s look at some best practices for creating your own Twitch banner now that we know what a good one looks like

It is important to ensure the dimensions are correct. It isn’t worth the time and energy to make even the most epic design if the graphics are pixelated or cut off due to improper sizing or

The best way to make a Twitch banner stand out is to visually prioritize the In any case, your name should be sized larger than other text, even if it is not centered. Other important information, such as social media tags, should be included.

As heavily branded as possible is not a bad thing. Don’t be afraid to let your Twitch persona take center stage in your banner design as well as your channel’s accompanying elements.

Ensure consistency across all the elements of your Twitch profile, which includes your logo, offline image, panels, and other aspects featured on your channel.

Don’t let your desk get cluttered. You should use spatial elements, minimal graphics, and clean fonts on Twitch to make your viewers feel like they’re in your world.

As your content and interests change over time, you may also change your interests. Don’t be afraid to let yourself and your Twitch presence evolve together.

Remember to have a great time while you’re doing it! Throughout your banner, it should be clear how enthusiastic you are about the games you play.

Level up your Twitch banner design

On Twitch there is a lot of competition, so while a great banner won’t necessarily guarantee you immediate fame, a poorly designed one will leave a negative impression on your viewers. Ultimately, the size and position of a channel’s banner are incredibly important and can transform the page into a powerful visual asset–as long as you do it properly. Knowing all that goes into creating a great banner, the only thing left to do is to find a professional designer to help bring your dream to life!

By Cheng