Get a custom logo designed for your book that shows off the personality of your brand. What ideas do you have? From the hundreds of designers in our global community, we collected some memorable book logo examples. Take a look at these inspiring book logos and start planning your own!

How to Create your Book Logo Design

You need to work with a professional logo designer if you want yours to stand out from the competition. Using a designer to bring your vision to life is possible, or hosting a design contest will enable you to gather ideas from around the globe.

Start a Contest

Ideas are pitched to you by designers from around the globe. It is up to you to provide feedback, hone your favorites, and decide the

Start a Project

We will help you find the perfect designer for your budget and style. Next, create a customized logo in collaboration with a colleague.

What Makes a Good Book Logo?

With a great logo your brand is remembered by the world, your product is understood by the public, and your potential customers can decide whether to purchase it. In the form of color, shape, and other design elements, logos communicate all of that. You will learn how to make your brand’s story come to life through your book logo.


By Cheng