Human beings have been drinking beer since the dawn of time. The reason it’s remained with us so long as loincloths and living in caves went out of style is easy to understand. Those who are shy may break out of their shells with the help of social lubricant. It was ancient Persian belief that the best way to make a decision was to be sober and drunk at the same time. And many of us would not even be standing here if beer weren’t around.

It is no longer only a noble profession, but also a lucrative industry. The US alone generates $250 billion in revenue from this business. There are a lot of large corporations like Anheuser-Busch and MillerCoors selling beer in the United States nowadays, but one in ten of them is made by small breweries. Despite remaining a specialty item for many years, craft beer lost its unique appeal in the last decade or two. By being a craft beer you no longer stand out on shelves (or at festivals) simply because you are a unique product. What is it that makes your beer stand out among so many others throughout history and across cultures? This is a great The logo of your brand ties it all The company logo is on the case, on the label of your bottle or can, on your website, and even on You should take this into consideration particularly if you sell different types of beer under one If you have it in multiple places, you’ll want it to look the same. Is there a specific type of logo you are looking for? Here are some options to consider.

Emblems & Badges

The reason logo styles such as emblems (also known as badges) are common is because they look great on beer bottles as well as t-shirts. Since badges are generally curved on the edges, they are not distorted when wrapped around a While this is a more traditional way of identifying your brand, it highlights your craft beer as a premium product. While it may not create the desired aesthetic for modern brands, if you are looking to connect yourself with the history of Brewing, this is a good starting point.

Logos from a Bygone Era

It’s no secret that beer has been around for a very long time. So it makes sense to tap into that nostalgia with a logo that’s tinged with nostalgia. Drawing a woodcut-style image is a relatively simple way to accomplish this. (It’s not necessary to make an actual cut of wood That takes forever.) But don’t limit yourself to a certain kind of If you choose to illustrate an earlier time, you can display more traditional modes of transportation, styles of dress, or even technology that once looked advanced but is now outdated.

Hoppy Logos

In the brewing of beer, hops play an important role. This article probably would not be being read if you didn’t know that. That’s one of the reasons why so many microbreweries use hops as a symbol. The mere fact that it is a common theme does not mean it is a bad or cliché concept. Making sure you do something different is all you need to do. Put a unique spin on it instead of being literal. Graphs of hoops look great when they are simplified. Combining it with other aspects of your logo is also an option. There are many people who don’t know what hops are, let alone what they look like. That means you have a completely covered audience if you have a logo that includes images.

Barrels of Logos (er, logos of barrels)

Beer aged in barrels is referred to as stout Also, barrels can be used as a I like how concise and strong it is. With a barrel, you give it a classic feel, and are explicit about what you are doing, making

Mugs, Cups, Steins and Things

It’s totally understandable that you want to display that hard work in the logo of your microbrewery. In the meantime, you may want to examine how they perceive beer, and then tailor your marketing to their preferences. You may make beer-related products but not brew your own, or you may organize beer-related events, but you don’t brew beer. It doesn’t matter how you choose to do it, you can still create a logo that conveys the feeling of being with friends. Use items that regular beer drinkers associate with beer instead of hops and barrels, such as cups, mugs, and It is important to think carefully about this iconography. There are many kinds of beer in the world, and each one requires a different drinking vessel. It tells you something about the kind of beer you’re drinking if it has a red cup or boot.

Kick back and have a Beer (Logo)

There are many things to consider when selecting a logo for your business. It’s part of your branding that you’ll live with for a long time, so you might want to make your choice the old fashioned This is probably the logo you’re looking for if you like it both ways!

By Cheng