Square logos can be chosen for a number of reasons. Logos in the shape of a square can convey a wide range of messages, such as strength, reliability, structure, You may be interested in reading on if these values reflect the values of your organization. Below we’ve gathered a few inspiring examples to get your creative juices flowing and to show you why being square is so cool.

Square Logos that Show Strength

The square has been one of our civilization’s building blocks for centuries. Architectural designs, money safes, and even money are decorated with them. Due to this, they typically give the impression of strength-and many companies take advantage of this in their logo design. A good example is the BearBox logo, which signifies a company that designs mobile data centers that work in tough Consumers are led to believe that data centers are strong and resilient against any elements they may encounter due to the square shape of the bear logo. In the same way, the square logo of MainDoor looks strong and bold, which is appropriate for a company that provides fire door maintenance. Your company offers a service that relates to resilience and strength? Next time you design a logo, consider a square logo!

Square logos that Emphasize Geometry

One of the most fundamental geometric shapes is the square, which makes these shapes ideal for businesses related to subjects such as 3D printing, interior design, or even a design Our favorite aspect of George Vincent’s logo is how it incorporates multiple asymmetrical geometric lines within a square, which fits with the interior design service this business offers. What does simple geometry have to do with Here are some ideas to get you started.

Square Logos that Represent Structure and Organization

It has the advantage of fitting neatly with other squares – this is why milk crates and shipping boxes are squares. These factors contribute to the impression that squares provide structure and order. We can see why a square logo is suitable for a company that designs residential neighborhoods, a company that sells treats in neatly packed squares, or even a business that provides a perfectly organized sock subscription service. What makes your business stand out from the crowd? You should try creating a square logo next time!

Square Logos That Highlight Simplicity

The square is one of the simplest shapes. Four sides of the square are the same length, four angles of the corners are the same and most importantly, there is no surprise in them. That’s why a square logo is a good idea if you’re trying to attract customers who like a simple and easy shopping experience. For example, baby products for parents, luxury brands with a minimalist look, or simplified tech products you can use just about anywhere. Do you offer minimalist and simple products with no surprises at all? Here is a place to find

Breaking The Square

A square also offers a framework for breaking out of, which makes it a great choice for businesses that want to show that they think outside the box. A custom search engine for art discovery, a home/office art website with a mockup app, and shaker cups for the fitness industry are just a couple of the square logos shown above. Whether you are driving a unique business to break the norm or providing a product no one has yet thought of, don’t be afraid to think outside of the box!

Think Inside and Outside the Box

You should now have a better sense of how squares might fit into your next logo design after viewing the examples above. Think outside the box when using simple shapes, and you’ll find there’s so much more you can do. As you begin to design your next logo (within a square, of course), feel free to revisit this article if any of the categories we have covered correspond to your company values.

By Cheng