A simple logo does not have to look like a minimalist design from the 1960s or 1970s. The term “simple” is a broader one than minimalism alone, covering a wide variety of design to cover a wide range of needs. Simple logos can be created with a simplified design, simple typography, or a simple concept in mind. It is often better to choose a simple logo over a complex one because simple logos can convey concise concepts more It is possible to create a logo with many different approaches, regardless how simple it might appear. So here are some examples of very nice examples our community has shared for inspiration.

Simple typographic logos

Symbols and icons are not necessary. Simple is as simple can be with typographic logos. Your logo can be simplified in this way so that different aspects of it can take centre stage. A great example is the Lux logo, whose balance of curved and straight lines draws the eye to the letters.

A simple typeface can be beneficial to brands that lend themselves to form, shapes, or art. With its simplicity, it allows other aspects of design to stand out. The Fertila logo, for instance, uses a basic sans serif typeface without any additional embellishment. A simple treatment puts the focus on the soft blue color, which has the ability to define the brand. In other words, if your brand uses color to represent your values, you should consider this technique.

Simple line drawings

There is also a simple approach known as An illustration, a drawing or a typography is nothing without lines. Simple lines can be used to simplify complex ideas as well due to their fundamental nature. If you want to cover a concept that typography alone cannot convey, then beginners can start here. Simple lines can also slim down the complexity of a concept. The example of 99designer Skilline’s depiction of a simple beach with a surfboard, waves, and sunrise/sunset is a great example of this technique.

Simple illustrated logos

It’s a step up from line drawing as it incorporates color and fills. Although these design elements are present, illustration is no more difficult than it has ever been! Take, for example, how the logos for Bearbull and Newsic use a lot of negative space with minimal color fills, or how the logo for LearnerLab represents a cute and simple scene with a staircase leading to

Simple geometric logos

Geometry is a design style that is able to be applied to typography, line arts, illustrations, or any combination of these mediums. Mathematical resolution is what makes geometry so simple. Therefore, geometric shapes evoke a sense of clarity for you through their seamless connection of points, their perfect curves, and their completion. The 3 Seeds Juicery logo design by 99designer Mad pepper is a good example of a geometric logo design with simple shapes. An innovative design choice such as rendering the 3 seeds with geometric shapes was a smart and effective choice for an enterprise whose main focus is simple and pure ingredients.

Simple logo concepts —

It is not entirely dependent on a design’s execution for simplicity in logo Logos can be prone to such problems due to their concept. Consider the logo for DL MAXX General Contractors, which appears to be an outline of a house repeated repeatedly. There is a repeated pattern in the design that instantly reminds you of the simple concept of a house being built. Another example of a logo is Feel Good, which features a smiling soccer ball, which reminds you of an extremely simple concept: playing soccer is fun. There is no question about it. When it comes to a logo, sometimes all you need is a simple idea to make it stand out. A simple logo can help you to present your ideas powerfully in a complex world with complex brands. It is a really clever way to express a lot with little, and this logo is an easy choice!

By Cheng