It is estimated that there are thousands of tattoo styles around today, and that talented artists are creating new ones A great deal of those tattoo styles are adapted from historic tattoo styles, a number of which are hundreds, if not thousands of years These are twelve of the most classic tattoo styles, those you definitely want to know about before you start tattoo designing. Probably one of these tattoo styles is in the back of your head already if you’re looking for the best tattoo style. Perhaps you cannot use the exact wording of your desires, but a lot of people already have an image in their head of what they want. There is no easy way to figure out exactly how you want your perfect tattoo to look. But perhaps the styles below can aid you in narrowing

1. Classic Americana

Tattoos of this style are in keeping with old-school tattoos, which are defined by bold outlines and the use of similar colored and metaphorical In a way, they’re related to the ocean, the sea and nautical imagery, pinup women, or fierce predatory animals, or even combinations of heart, rose, and dagger images. Norman “Sailor Jerry” Collins popularized this tattoo style in the 1930s at Kings Avenue Tattoo, but it remains a popular style today, as featured here by Frankie Caraccioli.

2. New school

It’s like a crazy comic book on your skin with New School tattoos. A famous artist in this category is Jesse Smith, who depicts fantastic imagined worlds that are full of chaos and often represent animals in a vibrant way. The art of tattooing has centuries of history all over the world, as we showed in a previous post. Irezumi has remained popular as a Japanese style since it was introduced. The traditional tattoo style has not been abandoned and artists are creating both new and traditional Often involving large images of the back, arms, and legs, it is a genre of art known for its large images. Chris O’Donnell, of New York here displays the traditional imagery of animal, floral, and samurai which is associated with

4. Black and grey

We see some examples of distinctly different kinds of work in this kind of genre that’s inclusive of many kinds of style from Jessica Mascitti of East Side Tattoo in LA. The first black and grey images were made by watering down black ink to create a spectrum of shades of grey, but they became so popular that anything and everything could be depicted realistically in shaded gray.

5. Portraiture

Using his portraiture, Shane O’Neill shows us how realistic you can get with tattoos – what he calls realism (which is exactly what it sounds like – a rendering of realism Due to the lack of black outlines found in some of the classical styles, artists are able to depict people in both color and black and white with an eerily accurate rendition.

6. Stick and poke

Slowerblack demonstrates the possibilities associated with the stick-n-poke technique, which involves just a single needle for creating The art of DIY tattoos has recently become popular, but a professional can take this to vibrant and magnificent levels, with thick and bold lines most often in simple black with tiny decorative designs.

7. Realism

During the creation of a realistic tattoo, landscapes and objects can be portrayed as well as In black and white or in color, this is a classic tattoo style that you should consider if there’s something specific you want to express. Tattoo artists and designers alike take years to master the craft of creating realistic-looking artwork with a large visual impact, and they need a great deal of skill.

8. Blackwork

In blackwork tattoos, geometric shapes make up thick, black lines made into various shapes. Blackwork tattoos originated from the original tribal tattoos, but have been influenced by Western art. As artists continue to take this genre to new heights, they combine images and patterns derived from a variety of sources into spectacular paintings whose colors swirl in different forms around the body, like these from Nazareno Tubaro (who was also the inspiration for the featured image)!

9. Biomechanical

A Biomechanical tattoo mimics a hidden mechanism that could be hidden within the skin by adapting to the unique flow of the body. These tattoos are custom made freehand, and usually meet the individual’s request. If you discuss these bad boys, Roman Abrego is hard to avoid-his mechanical and alien-inspired images that appear on many of his clients’ arms and legs.

10. Geometric

The geometric tattoo is a very popular trend right now, and it can really look timeless if properly done. A geometric design can either feature geometric elements alone, or it can have geometric elements combined with organic elements (often floral or natural). These tattoos stand out due to the contrast between the exact, sharp lines of the tattoos and the curves of the body.

11. Realistic Trash Polka

Developed by the Buena Vista Tattoo Club in Germany, Realistic Trash Polka is a carnival-themed song. A collage-like design, it is instantly recognizable for the intricate artefacts it contains-from photography to hand-written messages, paint splashes to letters. It was made by Simone Plaff and Volko Merschky.

12. Surrealism

Surrealism is a highly versatile art form that offers plenty of material for artists It doesn’t matter what the artistic style is, or what the subject is, as long as the viewer experiences a feeling of sublime fantasy, then the artist has achieved their goal. Pietro Sedda, owner of the tattoo shop in Milan named The Saint Mariner, is pictured here with some of his amazing works.

By Peter