Most companies are capable of acquiring the skill of design, but only the truly gifted ones will take it up a notch. Nevertheless, there are some graphic design companies and development agencies worldwide that have been successful in cutting through the clutter and gaining international attention. Their A-list clients, diverse portfolios, and reputation all over the world make them some of the world’s most prestigious graphic design firms. Following is a list of ten of the most respected graphic design companies in the industry today, listed alphabetically

1. Pentagram

In addition to being a leader in the design industry, Pentagram is the world’s largest independent design studio. We are owned and operated by 25 partners –all industry thought leaders. In addition to Alan Fletcher, Bob Gill, Paula Scher and Michael Bierut, they have worked with dozens of other top-notch artists in the past and present.

Headquarters: London

The following cities The following notable clients are located in Austin, Berlin, New York and San Francisco We offer the following services Planned Parenthood, Saks Fifth Avenue, Starbucks, The Guggenheim, United Airlines, Verizon, Walgreens, Warner Brothers, Windows Book and campaign design, data visualization, digital design, editorial design, environmental graphics, exhibition design, film and motion graphics, industrial/product design, interiors, packaging, sound design this is just a sampling of areas I have worked in over the years.

2. Landor

A world leader in branding and advertising, Landor is headquartered in San Francisco and operates offices throughout 25 world-class cities. It ranks among the biggest names in business and has one of the most impressive client lists in the world.

Headquarters: San Francisco

The following locations The following are notable clients Bangkok, Beijing, Cape Town, Chicago, Cincinnati, Dubai, Geneva, Guangzhou, Hamburg, Hong Kong, Istanbul, Jakarta, London, Melbourne, Mexico City, Milan, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Seoul, Shanghai, Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo We offer a wide range of services to Apple, Australian Open, BMW, British Airways, FedEx, Kellogg’s, Kraft, P&G, PepsiCo, Volkswagen. The following elements may be included brand architecture, branding, brand engagement, brand identity, branding and innovation, experiences and environments, interactive and new media, insights and analytics, naming and verbal identity, packaging, strategy, and positioning.

3. Wolff Olins

Brand consultancy agency, Wolff Olins, says, “We make things different because we want to be different.”. As a result of their solid reputation, they have a long list of high-profile clients, including the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, whose logo was boasted to have cost $625,000.

Headquarters: London

The following cities The following clients are located in New York and San Francisco Among the brands 3M, Apple, eBay, Hyatt, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Spotify, Target, Uber, and A strategy, a design and a

4. Meta Design

Over the past 20 years, Meta Design has been creating compelling brand experiences for clients around the globe. The quality of work they do resonates globally on a level that is hard to match, from revamping Apple’s Mac OS design system to collaborating on Adobe’s packaging and identity.

The headquarters is In San Francisco, there are the following locations The following are notable clients in New York, Zurich, Beijing, Berlin, Düsseldorf, Geneva and Lausanne Coca-Cola, DHL, Lacoste, New York Philharmonic, Porsche, Volkswagen, Yves Saint Laurent, Apple, Apple, Apple, AT&T, AT&T, AT&T, Nokia, Nokia, AT&T, AT&T The activation of brands, the creation of brands, and the experience of brands

5. Happy Cog

A web design guru who is based in New York founded this firm and it has won more web design awards than anyone else. In addition to its impressive web design, development, and user experience consulting services, Happy Cog is known for its engaging web environments. They state that Happy Cog’s graphic design studio will “assist you with developing your message, selecting your audience, compelling them to act, and measuring your results.”.

Headquarters: New York

Clients we have worked with include Among the companies and organizations AirBnB has worked with are AMC Theatres, Ben & Jerry’s, Google, MTV, Nintendo, Papa John’s, Stanford University, Zagat, Zappos. The strategy of content, design and branding, the development of digital marketing campaigns, project definition, and market

6. The Chase

The Chase has garnered national and international attention for their innovative corporate branding and print design thanks to their industry prominence that dates back over 30 years and more than 350 awards. Creative consultants like these have a variety of services they can provide, such as calendar design, museum exhibits, and branding for sports venues.

Headquarters: Manchester

The following locations The following clients are located in Preston and London BBC, Amnesty International, Disney, Fujitsu, Hewlett Packard, London Museum of Modern Art, Shell, Smirnoff, Yellow Pages Are areas of expertise Advertising, Architecture, Digital, Film

7. Pearlfisher

Pearlfisher’s mission is to create “simpler, lighter, more desirable ideas for the future.” With more than 20 years of experience and an increasing list of prestigious awards, the company’s founders have made a tremendous impact on the global graphic design scene.

Headquarters: London

The following locations Among some notable clients Among those from New York, San Francisco, and Copenhagen Brand philosophy The brands of Access Entertainment, B&O Play, Cadbury, Jim Beam, Starbucks, Wolfgang Puck, and Yoplait have a holistic approach. A body, a community, a leisure activity, a luxury item, a movement, a natural setting, a sense of

8. Charlie Smith Design

Charlie Smith, formerly of Pentagram, launched his design company Charlie Smith Design in 2003. She sold her graphic design company to one of the world’s top graphic design firms, so it’s no surprise she had a successful new project. She works with a variety of clients, including those who need packaging and digital services, and her team takes a detail oriented approach to each project, paying attention to every detail from paper choice to finishing.

Headquarters: London

Clients we have worked with include Among the clients that Dragonfly Tea works with are John Lewis, Louis Vuitton, Phaidon, the Royal Academy of Arts, TATE, Terence Woodgate, Unicef, and University of the Arts London to name but a few. The following areas of expertise are relevant to branding digital design, moving image design, packaging, print design, and

9. Mucho

The vast majority of designs acknowledge the fact that they go beyond the Designs can be found in nearly every aspect of our everyday lives, and designers should pay attention to making the world more visually interesting. As well as this, they want to shape the international perception of their clients. The fact that they have an astonishingly large client list demonstrates their success in this regard.

Headquarters: Barcelona

The following locations The following clients are notable in New York, Paris, and San Francisco The following companies have hired me for brand management, brand storytelling, and brand strategy Apple, BMW, Gap Inc., Google, Hewlett-Packard, Kodak, Phaidon, San Francisco Art Exchange, University of California, Venmo.

10. Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv

To me, Ivan Chermayeff and Tom Geismar are less famous versions of Paul Rand. With origins dating back to 1958 and clients around the world, they have worked for the biggest names in business. The work of Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv is legendary and has endured the test of time. With Sagi Haviv added in 2006, the firm is still going strong and shaping some of the world’s biggest brands.

Headquarters: New York

Clients we have worked with include State Farm, HarperCollins, Harvard University Press, Hearst, NBC, National Geographic, Showtime, Chase Bank, National Geographic, Harvard University Press, Harvard University Press, WordPress, and US Open. The design of a brand’s identity and logo

11. Saffron Brand Consultants

Saffron Brand Consultants, based in Madrid, is committed to “transforming brands and businesses with the clarity of rigorous thinking and the courage of bold ideas.” Launched back in 2001, the company has managed to rise to the top by embracing globalization and

Headquarters: Madrid

The following locations The following notable clients are located in Istanbul, London, Mumbai and Vienna Companies like Coca-Cola, Fujitsu, Goldman Sachs, Proximus, The Institute of Cancer Research, Rostelecom, V Festival, YouTube are making a huge investment into their brand’s The ability to create, to grow, to adapt, and to

12. Anagrama

self-described “brand intelligence group,” Anagrama is an international branding, architecture, and software company with an impressive track record (and clients who can attest to its success and longevity). We foster a collaborative atmosphere, are creative and operate in a deadline-driven manner. I think of it as a winning combination of free-spirited art and rational thought.

Headquarters: Monterrey, Mexico

The following locations Some of our notable clients are from Mexico City and Tokyo There are many services offered by Conarte Library, Infamuse, Redberry, Sally Beauty, Tequila Delaluz, and Winter Milk The following fields fall into this category architecture, brand strategy, interior design, print and digital design, software services, and

13. Studio Dumbar

In 1977, Studio Dumbar was founded with the goal of creating brands with emotional meaning and engaging content “from strategy to reality.” What makes this firm unique is that it’s part of a larger organization, Dept, which boasts more than That’s a lot of connections, huh?

Headquarters: Rotterdam

Clients we have worked with include A few of the major projects we have recently completed are Big Mile, Chelsea Nike Megastore, Cities In Motion, DEMO Festival, Dutch National Police, European Design Festival, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Transavia, Van Gogh Museum, and Strategising and creating a brand

14. A Practice for Everyday Life

Clients who share The Practice for Everyday Life’s values can be confident in knowing that they are dealing with a reputable company. Their design process is centered around concept, making sure each design is distinctive In addition to art direction, publishing, exhibitions, signage, packaging, and digital design, they also specialize in identity and identity design.

Headquarters: London

Some of our most notable clients include Art on the Underground, Australian Center for Contemporary Arts, Korean Cultural Centre UK, London College of Fashion, Manchester School of Art, Modern Art Oxford, Performa, Tate, Areas of expertise

15. Fireart Studio

Its clientele, which ranges from startups to the world’s leading brands, is a source of pride for Fireart Studio in Warsaw. They are not only known for their prestigious clients, but they also enjoy a strong fan following (their Dribble page receives over 12K visitors per day).

Headquarters: Warsaw

Clients we have worked with include There are several companies offering services on our website 2Park, Atlassian, Codio, Google, MyTaxi, Radial Hub, Swipex, Swisscom, WinRAR. Design of brands, motion designs, outstaffing, and product development

16. Spin

In Spin, we place our focus on bringing elegant and simple solutions to a wide range of areas, including the arts, communication, broadcast, design, electronics, Moreover, their creative teams are known for responding to creative briefs in a timely manner while conducting thorough background research on their clients and even conducting workshops with target demographics

Headquarters: London

Clients we have worked with include Apple,Google Jigsaw, BBC, Channel 4, , Wired Areas of expertise: Collect, Crafts Council,, Deutsche Bank,, Hewlett-Packard, Meta, Ministry of Sound, Nike, a, D&AD, Design Museum Samsung, Simon Pengelly digital, print and environmental design,Print Magazine, Pro

17. House Industries

It’s a surprise that one of the top typography companies on the planet is headquartered As described by Fast Company Magazine as “the masters of typography,” House Industries has created a variety of custom fonts seen by millions of fashionistas, TV viewers, and concertgoers all over the world.

Headquarters: Yorklyn, Delaware

Some of our most notable clients include Among my clients are Agent Provocateur, Design Within Reach, Herman Miller, Hermes, Jimmy Kimmel Live, MTV, Target, The Cher Show, The New Yorker, and UNIQLO. Areas of expertise include drawing, font creation, lettering, and painting.

18. SocioDesign

SocialDesign’s style is renowned for its minimal and reductive approach, which allows their clients to enjoy their brands across cultures. Their designs are universal in nature, which means that they are suitable for many parts of the world. Due to SocioDesign’s global approach, they have been able to reach further than most graphic design studios, and this has helped them gain a strong reputation internationally.

Headquarters: London

Clients we have worked with include A few notable clients include Beau Cacao, Capital Magazine, Chaos Fashion, KAE, MatchPin, Nokia, Rambling Muse, Sonos, STOR, Trace Magazine, Truth Consulting, Twice Fashion. Selected specialties branding, digital experiences, packaging design

19. Triboro

A Brooklyn-based design duo consisting of David Heasty of Texas and Stefanie Weigler of Germany, Triboro is a duo of designers. There is no reason to believe you can’t make a big impact when you have a small team. The innovative work they do takes their clients into brand new territories. They create colorful, creative and hip artworks. Furthermore, it is known for its high level of integrity and quality (as evidenced by its many

Headquarters: Brooklyn

Some of our notable clients include GQ Style Guide, New York Magazine, Stella Artois, The New York Times, Time Magazine, William Rast, Wired AIGA, BLK DNM, GQ Style Guide, MoMA, New York Magazine, TIME Magazine, William Rast, Wired The following sectors will be covered publishing, art, fashion, music, lifestyle, culture

20. Only

Founded in 2004, Only is a strategy and design firm that has won awards at Heist and BIMA. Designing designs which accurately convey the ideas of each company is their goal as they connect brands with people. Their connections with customers are also strengthened by the people they serve, which makes their connection with their clients even stronger.

Headquarters: Leeds

Clients we have worked with include In terms of design philosophy, British Interactive Media Association, Design for Europe, Helbers, Onaway, Printworks London, Roundhouse, Sony Music, The British Academy, University of Suffolk are among the leading authorities A simple strategy has a lot of potential”

21. Frog

Frog has been the graphic design company that advances human experience through design since 1969. To accomplish this big goal, the company has a human-centric approach to design and a strong focus on the emotive aspect of design. In terms of the future, Frog keeps a pulse on how technologies are evolving through its work with intelligent systems, virtual reality, AI

Headquarters: San Francisco

The following locations The following companies are notable clients Austin, Bangalore, Barcelona, Boston, Grenoble, Gurgaon, London, Lyon, Madrid, Malmo, Milan, Munich, New York, Paris, Shanghai, and Tel Aviv The following companies offer services Alto, BNY Mellon, British Telecom, Heatworks, Lumen, Porsche, San Francisco MoMA, Supersonic, Tuesday Capital, Unem, Xiaomi We focus on creating products, services, and executing ventures based on architectural design, customer experience design, growth strategy, order activation, and product

22. Made By Alphabet

In regards to its age range, Made by Alphabet is on the more youthful side. A team of young designers, their personality is playful and they don’t mind cracking In addition to offering a fresh and energetic approach to the millennial demographic, their work caters to young people in general.

Headquarters: Manchester

Clients we have worked with include Among the companies doing business here are Adventure Films, Extrajet, Flyby, Hippo&Crate, JD Sports, Metrin Skincare, OnePlus, The British Independent Film Festival, and Tiqld Spices. Art direction, branding and identity, messaging and tone of voice, print and editorial, strategy and positioning, and

23. DIA

A key part of DIA is releasing egos to focus on achieving To keep the big picture in perspective, they put aside their personal interests. Besides designing flexible products, they also specialize in the following Businesses that change the shape and color of the signs, and that have a lasting and positive influence on any given industry.

Headquarters: New York

Clients we have worked with include The following are the Specialties we offer Adidas, Cartoon Network, Discovery Channel, FX, Massimo Kitsune, Mitsubishi, NBC, Nike, Nissan, Squarespace Identities based on kinetics

24. Radish Lab

A graphic design company known for its work with a diverse array of social change projects, Radish lab is a firm that uses graphic design to drive social change. Radish Lab continues to make a significant impact on local and international communities as well as the global landscape of design by combining a desire for doing good with a drive to tell compelling visual stories.

Headquarters: Brooklyn

The following cities The following clients are based in Berlin (RED), Cloud Foundation, The Linux Foundation, The Guggenheim, Unicef Services offered by American Cancer Society, BMW Foundation, Columbia University, Eventbrite, Promundo, Rainforest Alliance, The Linux Foundation, The Guggenheim, Unicef Description Creating brands and designs, creating strategies and communications, and creating websites and interactive channels

25. Hey

With his work as a designer of brand identities, editorial graphics, and illustrations, Hey puts geometry, color, and typography first. In addition to offering one-on-one relationships that are attentive to every step, they also offer staff training.

Headquarters: Barcelona

Clients we have worked with include The Wall Street Journal, Turkish Airlines, UNIQLO, General Electric, Fortune Magazine, Mr. Porter, Palm Random House, CBS, Japanese television, UNIQLO, and Vodafone Specialties are among the companies on our list. The following categories are included Art Direction, Branding, Campaigns, Illustration, Packaging, Publishing , Typography

26. Franklyn

Founded in 2006, Franklyn is a creative studio that says they are “the studio you’ve been waiting for your entire life.” The company is based on a boutique-like mindset, which suggests that they are simultaneously fashionable and accessible. Brooklyn-born artists aren’t afraid to let their hip personalities shine through their use of slang such as “trill” (both true

Headquarters: Brooklyn

Some of our most notable clients include The companies listed here provide services to clients Airbnb, Converse, God’s Love We Deliver, Kimski, MetLife, Parlor Coffee, Shapeways, Trade Coffee, Tokyobike, Zagat. I specialize in app design, branding, and brand strategy, as well as

27. Dessein

It’s proved to be that size does not always matter at this boutique studio in Western Australia for more than 30 years. As a recipient of decades of Creativity International awards (along with a number of other awards), Dessein is regularly recognized for its branding, print, and packaging work.

Headquarters: Perth

Some of our most notable clients include We offer a variety of services including Albany Entertainment Centre, Black Swan STC, Cafe Corporate, il gelato, Mondo Nougat, Hunsa, Rubra, Whiteman Park, Zwena. Having a unique brand and design, how to present it, design packaging, photography, print materials, signage, style guides, vehicle graphics, and a website are just a few of the services we offer

28. Litmus Branding

In addition to its branding services, Litmus Branding offers graphic design services as well. The agency’s slogan is “Make your brand strategy simple”-but not at the expense of The company has produced more than 400 logos over three years (that’s two per week!) in addition to brand strategy, web design, and print work. India is one of their many clients, but they also have clients from around

Headquarters: Ahmedabad

Clients we have worked with include We offer services ranging from America Solar Clean Energy to Columbia Business School, Indus Travels to Lotus Dairy to Luxor and Malaysia Kargo Services to App development and design, brand strategy, copywriting, content strategy, packaging design, web development, and digital marketing are some of the services offered.

29. Casa Rex

The So Paulo-based firm, Casa Rex, has won praise from all the big boys such as Communication Arts, Core77, Good, HOW and others. The firm is led by Gustavo Piqueira (who has won 500+ international design awards himself), which makes it a leading name in everything from typefaces to homeware to branding and environmental projects.

Headquarters: São Paulo

The following clients have been notable As part of the Unilever Specialties business segment Axe, Burger King, Campari, Dove, Hellmann’s, Magnum, Skyy Vodka, Suave, Tresemme, Unilever Specials Research in visual culture, linguistic limits, and graphic workshops that address contemporary visual narratives

30. Brandient

Based in Bucharest, Brandient is a branding solutions company that provides branding services to large Romanian companies as well as entrepreneurs and start-ups. They specialize in “complex rebranding processes” through a multidisciplinary approach that is conducive to innovation and marketing combined.

Headquarters: Bucharest

The following locations Here are a few Singapore clients worth mentioning The following companies offer specialized services Bitdefender, CEC Bank, Dedeman, Domo, Nextebank, Silva, Tinmar, Transavia, Vodafone We design brand innovation, communication, and rebranding exercises, provide consultancy, corporate identity design, digital design, naming and packaging services, and public speaking.

31. ID&B

South Africa’s ID&B design firm is based in Cape Town and boasts an impressive portfolio of branding and design work. A leader in brand strategy since 2005, ID&B’s work includes small niche projects as well as brand strategies for some of the most famous brands on the planet.

Headquarters: Cape Town

Clients we have worked with include The following product and service offerings are available from Coca-Cola, Dr Hauschka Skincare, IntelX, Kinektek, Old Mutual, PNI Media, Shoprite, The Presidency Republic of South Africa, USave, Virgin Services The strategy, the UX or UI, and the

32. Eat Creative

Located in Tokyo, Eat Creative offers a comprehensive range of services including graphic design, web design, print design, and content development. Since forming in the Japanese marketplace over 18 years ago, they’re no strangers to the importance of adjusting to different cultural practices.

Headquarters: Tokyo

The following locations Clients with a prominent presence in Hong Kong Services offered by ASICS, Deutsche Bank, Diptyque, Gap China, InterContinental, Kiehl’s, Meroware, TEDxTokyo, The Peninsula Hotels, Volkswagen Japan The areas of branding, communication strategy, content creation, digital design, events, print design, project management, and web design are all included

33. Re-public

As a developer of cross-platform design solutions, Re-public was founded in A trip to their trophy shelf will show you the links between their work and places like Mexico, Copenhagen and China as well as Red Dot Design, Creative Circle Awards, the German Design Awards, and We revert to **Best Bogarbejde**.

Headquarters: Copenhagen

Clients we have worked with include A number of companies are listed in 1602 Bilbasen, ByWho, DBA, Hatt, Leckerbaer, Nord Centro, QVARTZ, SOS International Specialties. Branding, identity, graphic design, naming, digital design, and digital marketing

34. Essen International

The Düsseldorf company is yet another detail-oriented design house that takes full responsibility for the entire project from beginning to end. Since 1980, they have been in business and their nearly 40 years of experience is clearly evident. Featuring meticulous, creative, and conceptually intelligent designs, they do not settle for mediocre or outdated ideas.

Headquarters: Stockholm

The following cities The following clients have offices in San Francisco Listed below are the list of specialties for Björn Borg, Filippa K, Friskis & Svettis, Indy Beauty, SAAB, Skanska, Swedbank, The City of Stockholm, Swisscom, Vattenfall The elements of strategy, design, content, and

35. Bedow

Wedow was in a desperate situation when he began. When Perniclaw Bedow couldn’t find a job, he decided he had no other choice than to start his own design business. Rather than follow the conventional route, he wanted to do something a bit different. A pioneer in their own right, Bedow has paved the way since 2005. in a hurry, they can pick from a range of highly regarded clients who are willing to work with them. The company also adheres to a unique aesthetic, one that is characterized by playfulness, clever ideas, and bright color palettes. In addition to the European, German, and Swedish Design Awards, they have received a number of other awards. Every one of them is well deserved!

Headquarters: Stockholm

Clients we have worked with include The following companies provide artwork for Essem Design, Momento Film, Oddwood, Polyester, Qapital, Record Mania, and Package design, product design, publication design, visual identity design

36. Bond

One of the things that sets Bond apart is their careful selection of staff. The firm has emphasized the fact that it is building a multi-disciplinary studio with designers from many different areas. With a diverse portfolio of designers from start-ups to global companies, Bond specializes in identity design, digital, retail & spatial, and packaging & product design.

Headquarters: Helsinki

The following locations Among the notable clients we have in Dubai, London and Tallinn are The Barcelona Design Week, The Dubai Design Week, Flamingo Skies, Good Sport, Grano, The Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Mieli, Rainmaker, Sushi & Co., etc. Among the services we provide The following design disciplines are part of our expertise digital content, brand architecture, brand identity, brand strategy, packaging, print design, UI/UX design, interior design, naming and verbal identity, and packaging and print design.

37. Studio Fnt

Their own words Studio Fnt condenses fragmented and scattered ideas into meaningful design concepts and visual forms. In other words, Studio Fnt is a funnel collecting ideas from clients, target demographics, and their surroundings into ideas that can then be captured in In addition to prints and identities, Studio Fnt also produces interactive and digital

Headquarters: Seoul

A few of our most notable clients are Several films have been screened at the Buscheon International Fantastic Film Festival such as Field Trip, Hyundai, Materia, Milk Lab, Megabox, Ulju Mountain Film Festival. Design and branding of cultural events, corporate branding and exhibitions

38. Fable

The company’s specialized in concept-driven ideas including brand identity, art direction, wayfinding, editorial, packaging, publishing, and web development. This incredible team has recently won the prestigious British Design & Art Direction Award, which is no surprise given how eye-catching their colorful, geometric, and pattern-based

Headquarters: Singapore

Some of our most notable clients include There are many companies involved in Wealth Destined Specialties. Alpha Drive, Brain Magazine Japan, Hello 2016, Hidden, JUJU, Pangdemonium, Play, The Balance Company, The Meeting Room, Think Teach Academy Designing brand identities, producing creative campaigns, producing print and digital materials, and organizing

39. Winkreative

In fact, Winkreative has a majority of its portfolio dedicated to high-end clients in the travel and hospitality sector, and its jetsetting sense of style can be seen in every project. The firm stresses the importance of the big picture, starting with the strategic need, which they describe as “the essential foundation for every client and project.”

Headquarters: Zurich

The following locations The following notable clients are located in London Among the companies Air Canada may work with are Deutsche Telecom, Lexus, Loew Hotels, Louis Vuitton, Porter Airlines, St. Moritz, The Avior, The Knightsbridge Estate, and Wimbledon. The areas of strategy, print, digital, film, packaging, the environment, and

40. Bravo

The graphic design company Bravo has a sense of humor as well. According to their profile page, they can be compared to Chuck Norris and The Game of Thrones with the help of a Mad-Lib puzzle. Even though they serve clients in different corners of the world, their highly-refined work still reveals their fun personalities.

Headquarters: Singapore

Clients who have used our services The Chocolate Colony, Marriott, Mexout, Nike, Podia, Rhinoshield, Reebok, Sephora, and Among his specialties Services provided include branding, community management, content development, research, copywriting, motion and animation, packaging, photography, and videography, as well as UI/UX designs

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