It’s hard to not love a great love story, right? Romance novels have a tight grasp on the industry with annual sales of over a billion dollars. In recent years, blockbusters like the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy (and its subsequent movie franchise) have brought to light the potential of the sometimes underrated drama romance genre evolved, the cover design of romance novels evolved with it. From the cheese-tastic past to cleaner, more modern designs, romance novel covers have evolved along with the genre. The reader of a romance book wants This genre brings readers into worlds they may have never seen in real life. We all understand the power of attraction, but most of us will never be able to experience it first hand by flying on a private plane or standing on a tall ship with a debonair pirate. Choosing an appealing romance novel cover shows the reader what kind of escapism they’re going to get, and gives them enough detail to further spark their imaginations. There are times when Romance covers offer bare skin, open shirts, passionate embraces and more. The image may also be subtly sensual, such as a picture of a couple holding hands, or a picture of a A good cover is important in romance, so why is it so important? More than 60% of romance novel sales are conducted on eBook, so it is important for the cover to catch the eye of readers without scrolling. It is important for your story to be written in large text and have bold, clear images so that the reader knows what romance subgenre it belongs to. A quick look at some of the covers outlined above can give you a clearer picture of what makes a great cover.

This suggests a young girl next door meets a mysterious (and controlling) billionaire/executive with a sexy secret life. Does this sound familiar? An urban, modern setting with a powerful, slightly dangerous man is the kind of cover you need when your book features this type of character. Cool covers today focus on the things of desire-the man (and often his abs), the city view, the expensive tie, the diamond and the pearl-as a primary focus. These images created a feeling of luxury and offer the reader the chance to imagine a steamy encounter in the penthouse suite. The contrast between the dark images and the clean, modern fonts, both in bold colors, give the cover designs a contemporary, urban feel.

Historically Hot

The romance genre is synonymous with historical romances, which many of us associate with the Could the picture be that of a muscled, longhaired Fabio holding a gorgeous lass? It was the bread and butter of the industry for a long time. The historical drama still has a lot of appeal even though its fashions have gone out with shoulder pads and leg warmers. The covers of books set in the past now have to be ultra-luxe, regardless of the period they belong to. During the time period of the novel, readers want to feel swept up in the passion and drama surrounding the story. A reader’s attention is captured by the lavish period details of period architecture, hairstyles and gorgeous dresses, in addition to rich, color-rich colors. If cowboy hats are your thing and you have abs, then go for it. This sub-genre is for authors who present reads that feature feisty, headstrong heroines who defy the boundaries of their time period while succumbing to the rugged charms of a man they are obligated to spend time with.

Clean and Chaste

There is a strong emphasis on romance instead of erotic desire in this genre, so don’t expect sweaty, entangled bodies on the Books about love, growth and challenges are for readers who enjoy reading about how people fall in love and face challenges Others are simply interested in what happens in the time that couples spend together outside the bedroom, while others are religious (otherwise known as ‘inspirational’ in the romance industry). In retrospect, a simple kiss on the forehead and a hand-held photo may have been a sufficient way to get the mood started. Soft color palettes and sun-drenched landscapes usually set the mood. You might want to include these if you’re writing for a younger audience Romances for young adults also fall into this category, featuring anecdotes and notes exchanged during Chemistry class in their scripts.

Literary Lust

It is always the writing that stands out in these books, which are sometimes funny, often poignant, but always real. This category seems less obvious as “romance” and tends to appeal to the upmarket audience with plenty of contemporary and compelling stories that could leave the reader with a tear or two on the last page. Choosing a photo of a symbolic image, or a sensual (but not overtly sexual) closeup of the heroine’s body, and adding a classic font d-esign will add a touch of elegance.

Flirty and Funny

A good romance book does not have to be serious-there are a lot of titles out there. Often, these books offer both romance and chick lit and are satisfying light reads. These content types may be of interest to your brand if you offer humorous romantic adventures aimed at a slightly younger audience than the typical 35-45 year old romance reader. Among the most iconic covers of the genre are those by Sophie Kinsella. (As seen in the Time For Tammy cover) There should be an air of buoyancy and floating to the covers. Colors such as pink, blue, and white are popular, paired with script fonts for a feminine appearance.

Paranormal and Provocative

Countless vampires, shape-shifters, and aliens await the reader in this thrilling story! No limit to what she can dream up in her imagination is set by a paranormal romance author. Tonally, these covers share a lot with Contemporary Cool in that washboard abs are often featured, as well as dark colors. Most of the time, these will use highly stylized fonts borrowed from fantasy, as opposed to contemporary books. It is important that the imagery they choose conveys that the rules of our world may not apply – take for example the ritual circle in Protect Her or the brilliant red eye on The Vampire’s Throne cover – while keeping the attractive guys in the spotlight.

Are you in love with these Romance Novel Covers yet?

There is no doubt that romance readers are some of the most voracious and loyal readers on Earth. As audiences, they know what they like, but they’re more willing to give a new author a chance than other audiences. It is a good idea to think about the sub-genre your novel fits best. If your cover is bold and on-trend, I guarantee your book will become the next one they decide to read!

By Peter