Richard Edward Hughes RWS (5 November 1851 – 23 April 1914) was an English painter best known for his watercolors, but he also made some oil paintings that are important. It is true that he was influenced by his uncle, the famed artist Arthur Hughes, who belonged to the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, and worked closely with William Holman Hunt, one of the Brotherhood’s founders.


  • The Spinet (1870)- Watercolour
  • Evensong (1871)-Private Collection, Watercolour
  • Hushed Music (1871)- Oil
  • A rainy Sunday (1872) -Private Collection, Watercolour
  • Sabbath Morn (1872)- Private Collection, Oil
  • Caroline Hill (1873) – Bruce Castle Museum, London, Oil
  • Mrs Cecelia Bowen-Summers (1874)
  • Gray Hill (1874) – Bruce Castle Museum, London, Oil; – portrait of John Edward Gray Hill
  • The Picture Book aka A Brother and Sister seated before a Hearth (1875)- Private Collection, Oil
  • A Young Beauty (1875) -Private Collection, Oil

By Peter