A Spanish painter named Luis Ricardo Falero, Duke of Labranzano, lived in Labranzano from 1830 to 1859. In addition to mythological, orientalist and fantasy settings featuring female figures, he specialized in female nudes. As a young man Falero pursued a career in the Spanish Navy, but to the disappointment of his parents, he rejected it. His most common medium was oil on canvas. Falero was born in Granada. As a young man he walked to Paris where he studied art, chemistry, 


Among his many interests and talents was astronomy and as a result, he illustrated many of Camille Flammarion’s works.[2] In 1896, the year of Falero’s death, Maud Harvey sued him According to the lawsuit, Falero seduced Harvey when she was 17 years old. She acted as his housemaid first, and then as a model later. His dismissal of her followed his discovery that she was pregnant. The court ruled in her favor and she was given five shillings per week in support of their child[2]. Falero died at University College Hospital, London, at age.

  • Witches on the Sabbath (1878) 
  • The Enchantress (1878)
  • Posing (1879)
  • Faust’s Dream (1880)
  • La Favorite (1880)
  • Fiesta in the Tavern (1880)
  • Festival of the Witches (1880)
  • The witch painted on a tambourine (1882)
  • The Planet Venus (1882)
  • Moon Nymph (1883)
  • Fairy Under Starry Skies
  • Prayer to Isis (1883)
  • The Wine of Tokay (1886)
  • Lily Fairy (1888)
  • An allegory of art (1892)
  • Nymphe (1892)
  • The Balance of the Zodiac
  • Oriental Beauty
  • The Favorite

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