It has been claimed that El Greco, one of the most original painters from any period, belongs to the baroque, or to the mannerism, but he is an original artist who spoke his own pictorial language, something only discovered later in the twentieth century avant garde.  In addition to all these works, he also produced one of the best landscape paintings ever created, the “View of Toledo” houses in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City. was one of two city views of Toledo painted by the artist (the other, “View and Map of Toledo,” at the Museum of El Greco, lacks This painting shows the city from a very distant point of view, and it does not occupy the center of the picture, but can be found to the right of it. As a result, the artist is able to concentrate on the representation of the natural landscape along A dark blue sky towers over the dark green vegetation at the bottom of the painting, creating a sharp contrast with the green vegetation at the bottom. The painting, which is accompanied by a spooky atmosphere that relates it to expressionist paintings like George Grosz or Ludwig Meidner, benefits from El Greco’s darkening of the clouds in areas close to the city which highlights Toledo’s impressive architecture.

By Peter