Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things for people to do, with hundreds of countries to visit and explore, traveling is one thing that never gets old. The UK is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with the amazing capital city London having so much to do and see, to smaller cities like Liverpool, home of The Beatles, there is plenty for you to do there. When it comes to traveling planning the trip can either be stressful or to some people it is just as fun as the trip itself. There is a lot to think about and include in your plan when you’re starting to organize your holiday, from what time flights to get, where to stay, where to visit, when to go, etc. If you’re going to London there would be a lot to plan for, as it is such a big city you’ll want to make sure you stay in a good area, close to the things you want to do, and you’ll want to do some research on anything else you might need from wifi solutions for hotels in London in case your wifi goes off to the best café to get pancakes for breakfast. Now, due to the new travel restrictions, there is more that you need to think about on this trip, the new rules depend on which list the country you’re traveling is on, we’ve summed up all the important information for you.

Green List

The UK government has decided to implement a traffic light system to allow their citizens to easily be able to follow the travel advice and to make it clear what the rules are so no one gets confused. The green list is for the list of places that the British government deemed the safest, this is figured out based on many factors including cases per day, which variants are prominent, deaths per day, and vaccination rate. As the UK is one of the leading countries in vaccinations, the government is being strict on traveling as they don’t want infected people to arrive and ruin any progress made since the vaccination rollout began. The travel restrictions for any countries on the green list state that to travel depends on the entry requirements of the destination whether or not you need to take a pre-departure flight. This does vary from country to country, for example, Malta does not require this as it instead requires you to be fully vaccinated but Croatia does, so make sure you’re checking these first. To return to the UK, or to fly here, you need to have a negative PCR dated within the last 3 days of your flight and before you can return you must also have a PCR test booked for day 2 of your arrival in the UK.

Amber List

Most countries are on the amber list as the British government hasn’t deemed them to be safe enough for Brits to travel to, it is assumed that when their vaccine program catches up most countries will be moved to the green list, but this could still be a long way off. If you travel to an amber list destination then you’ll need to follow the same advice as to the green list, a test before boarding your flight to the UK, and a test for day 2, but you will also have to book another PCR test for day 8. The big difference between these 2 lists is that when you arrive back in the UK you are not required to self-isolate but if you’re coming from an amber list country you are. This rule is soon to change for those who have had both doses of their vaccination, they will soon be able to visit amber list countries and in return follow the green list advice.

Red List

The red list is for the countries that the government think poses the most threat to the coronavirus situation in the UK. The red list includes quite a lot of countries such as India and Tanzania. If you’re visiting a red list country from the UK then you’ll still have to follow the entry requirements of the country that you’re visiting as some of these countries aren’t currently allowing people to enter. When coming back to the UK you’ll still have to take a pre-departure test to board the flight but this list is treated very differently to the green and amber. On arrival back in the UK, you’ll be required to self-isolate for 10 days. This is now mandatory and you must self-isolate in a controlled environment, these are the quarantine hotels. They cost just under £2000 for the 10 days and all meals are brought straight to you.

By Brittney

Brittney is a writer, curator and contemporary art gallerist. Born in Singapore and based in New York City, Brittney maintains a deep interest in the contemporary art landscape of Southeast Asia. This is combined with an equally strong interest in contemporary art from the Asian diasporas, alongside the issues of identity, transmigration and global relations.