Breaking Down the UK’s Current Travel Restrictions

Traveling is one of the most enjoyable things for people to do, with hundreds of countries to visit and explore, traveling is one thing that never gets old. The UK is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world with the amazing capital city London having so much to do and see, to smaller cities like Liverpool, home of The Beatles, there is plenty for you to do there. When it comes to traveling planning the trip can either be stressful or to some people it is just as fun as the trip itself. There is a lot to think about and include in your plan when you’re starting to organize your holiday, from what time flights to get, where to stay, where to visit, when to go, etc. If you’re going to London there would be a lot to plan for, as it is such a big city you’ll want to make sure you stay in a good area, close to the things you want to do, and you’ll want to do some research on anything else you might need from wifi solutions for hotels in London in case your wifi goes off to the best café to get pancakes for breakfast. Now, due to the new travel restrictions, there is more that you need to think about on this trip, the new rules depend on which list the country you’re traveling is on, we’ve summed up all the important information for you.

Green List

The UK government has decided to implement a traffic light system to allow their citizens to easily be able to follow the travel advice and to make it clear what the rules are so no one gets confused. The green list is for the list of places that the British government deemed the safest, this is figured out based on many factors including cases per day, which variants are prominent, deaths per day, and vaccination rate. As the UK is one of the leading countries in vaccinations, the government is being strict on traveling as they don’t want infected people to arrive and ruin any progress made since the vaccination rollout began. The travel restrictions for any countries on the green list state that to travel depends on the entry requirements of the destination whether or not you need to take a pre-departure flight. This does vary from country to country, for example, Malta does not require this as it instead requires you to be fully vaccinated but Croatia does, so make sure you’re checking these first. To return to the UK, or to fly here, you need to have a negative PCR dated within the last 3 days of your flight and before you can return you must also have a PCR test booked for day 2 of your arrival in the UK.

Amber List

Most countries are on the amber list as the British government hasn’t deemed them to be safe enough for Brits to travel to, it is assumed that when their vaccine program catches up most countries will be moved to the green list, but this could still be a long way off. If you travel to an amber list destination then you’ll need to follow the same advice as to the green list, a test before boarding your flight to the UK, and a test for day 2, but you will also have to book another PCR test for day 8. The big difference between these 2 lists is that when you arrive back in the UK you are not required to self-isolate but if you’re coming from an amber list country you are. This rule is soon to change for those who have had both doses of their vaccination, they will soon be able to visit amber list countries and in return follow the green list advice.

Red List

The red list is for the countries that the government think poses the most threat to the coronavirus situation in the UK. The red list includes quite a lot of countries such as India and Tanzania. If you’re visiting a red list country from the UK then you’ll still have to follow the entry requirements of the country that you’re visiting as some of these countries aren’t currently allowing people to enter. When coming back to the UK you’ll still have to take a pre-departure test to board the flight but this list is treated very differently to the green and amber. On arrival back in the UK, you’ll be required to self-isolate for 10 days. This is now mandatory and you must self-isolate in a controlled environment, these are the quarantine hotels. They cost just under £2000 for the 10 days and all meals are brought straight to you.

A Look at Why More and More People are Moving to Virginia

Right now is one of the most popular times to move house. As many more people are deciding to sell up and move on, they are not just limiting themselves to staying within their current state.   Many people are making the leap and choosing to move to Virginia, you have probably noticed the mass migration and may be wondering why people are choosing to live on the Atlantic coast. You yourself may be looking for a new place to call home and may want to know what all of the fuss is about.  Here is why more and more people are moving to Virginia.  


Fun things to do in Virginia 

One of the main reasons that so many people are choosing to move to Virginia is because it is well known for the number of fun activities that you can do there. Along with having some of the best weather all year round,  there are a number of entertainment-based businesses that have set up shop in Virginia. This means that if you were to move to Virginia then you would not find yourself easily bored.  

Something that Virginia is known for is the outdoor activity companies that they have. These companies charge you a small fee and allow you to access their outdoor facilities. Something that Virginia is known for is its rich culture and love of water sports, so if you are someone that is particularly fond of outdoor activities then you will find a lot of ways to occupy your time.  

If you are someone with children and you want to keep their time occupied then moving to a location like Virginia may be appealing to you. 


The prices of property in Virginia 

Over a decade ago there was an initiative in Virginia after a natural disaster destroyed many of the homes that were in the state. The initiative was based on building homes at an affordable price so that many of the people that unfortunately lost their homes could afford to restart in a new property.   

Many of the people that chose to purchase these homes decided that they did not want to stay in them for the long term as many of them were simply not big enough to house growing families.  This meant that there were plenty of homes put onto the property market at extremely low prices. With so many people moving and in and out of Virginia, you will not struggle to find a home that suits your lifestyle. 

The best part about the continuous flexibility of the housing market in Virginia is that if you decide you are not happy with where you have decided to move it is extremely easy to sell your property.  There are plenty of great real estate agents in Virginia and if you want to move on,  you can sell your house in Virginia fast here with these guys.


Virginia has a buzzing nightlife 

For those of you that love a night on the town, you will be glad to know that Virginia has an amazing nightlife. Though Virginia is not exactly known for its nightlife, unlike other locations like Miami and LA, many people believe that Virginia has some of the best nightlife in all of America.  

What really sets Virginia’s nightlife apart from other cities and states is its affordability. If you were to head to one of the major cities in America, you could expect to spend upwards of one hundred dollars on a single night, not including entry fees to clubs. In Virginia, the night scene is busy, but not overwhelmingly so.  

There may be some instances where you have to line up for the club, it will never be for more than ten minutes. A lot of the clubs are owned by local businessmen, which means they are not a part of a bigger franchise.  Because a lot of the owners are local to Virginia, they are aware of the money that people are willing to spend while at the club and so they do not push their prices to extortionate levels. 

The clubs and bars within Virginia also have a more intimate feel to them, you are more than just a customer when you step into a Virginia bar, you are part of the family.  


Low crime rates in Virginia 

Something that Virginia happily boasts is its low crime rates. The laws in Virginia are quite strict when it comes to crime and if you are found breaking the law, you can expect to get quite a hefty punishment. This works as an incentive for people to not commit crimes, as even lower-level crimes result in quite bad punishments.  


The Virginian community also comes together quite frequently, in many neighborhoods you can expect to find a neighborhood watch. This watch works quite closely with the police to ensure the safety of the community and aside from the odd people, mostly everyone follows the rules quite strictly. 

If you are someone that has children, you will know that worrying about their safety is something that is continuously on your mind. These days it feels impossible to give your children the freedom to head out and do what they want. Though you will still have that worry if you move to Virginia, you will know that they are far less at risk. 

A Look at the Canadian Cities up for the Best City Award

The beautiful thing about Canada is its variety. Being such a large country, cities are going to look and feel different depending on whereabouts you are. Snowcapped mountains, brilliant cityscapes, cultural landmarks, and societal touchstones like the legalization of Cannabis meaning you can buy weed online. From Quebec to British Columbia there are beautiful and unique cities providing great experiences no matter where you are. But which is worthy of the best city award? Let’s take a look. 


Located right in British Columbia, Surrey is a vibrant city with diverse cultural communities. With relatively high-quality living environments, Surrey is a perfect city to visit if you are looking for something a little cheaper but still full of life. Throughout the year Surrey is home to many big citywide events like the Party for the Planet, the international children’s festival, and the fusion festival. Not to mention Surrey is full of Museums and Theatres which make the city full of life. 


The largest city in Canada and the Capital of Ontario, Toronto is home to some of Canada’s major hot spots. Not only is it host to one of the world’s biggest film festivals the Toronto International Film Festival but Toronto houses some of Canada’s major landmarks like the CN Tower and the Hockey hall of fame. If you’re a fan of sports, then look no further. Toronto is host to seven different professional sports teams. Some of the highest caliber teams in the country. If you’re looking for culture the various micro-communities around the city, make for a wide range of dining and shipping experiences from Chinatown to Little Italy.  


Quebec City: 

Shifting a little over to the right into Quebec and you’ll find Quebec City. A historic, French-speaking city sitting alongside the Saint Lawrence River, Quebec City is a culture-rich city reminiscent of a much older European city. From the city’s amazing Landmarks like the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac to the most visited museum in the country the Museum of Civilization, this city is packed to the brim with a fascinating culture that would entice anyone.  


Moving back to Ontario it’s time to look at the Capital of the country, Ottawa. Another city home to cultural icons like the countries National Gallery and the Canadian Aviation and Space Museum. After visiting the museums, you could ice skate down the Rideau Canal that runs through the city or maybe if it’s later on in the year take part in the cities many festivals. After all the partying you could take a guided tour around the countries Parliament building to get a sense of the country’s political history and finish off the evening in one of the countless high-class restaurants dotted around the city.  


Heading back to British Columbia it’s time to look at Vancouver. A beautiful city surrounded by snow-capped mountains and the flowing Pacific Ocean, Vancouver has much to offer. Whether you want to take in natural beauty by visiting the beaches and the vast Stanley Park or treat yourself to the inner cities vast and varied shopping district, Vancouver is paradise whether you’re visiting on holiday or living your life there.  




Off to Alberta now to talk about Calgary. Known often as the wild west of Canada, Calgary is home to a major event known ad the Calgary Stampede. A big festival celebrating the town’s history with ranching and farming. Cowboys aside the city still has much to offer. A revolving restaurant atop the Calgary tower, beautiful walking trails along the Bow River at Prince’s Island Park, and sunshine almost the entire year-round. It’s a unique city with character to spare. 



St John’s: 

Speaking of character to spare its time to move to Newfoundland to visit St. John’s. This small but colorful city on the coast with a huge cultural history is nothing to shrug at. Museum’s such as The Rooms tell an important story about St Johns’s importance in Canada’s historic battles or the Great Fire that ripped through downtown, the city is layered with history and beautiful sights. Or you can make quick trips to just outside the city to go whale watching and enjoy the other deep and important local wildlife. 


Another small city this time in Yukon, Whitehorse is a stunning landscape and the gateway to Canada’s snowcapped north. With beautiful northern lights spanning the skies and thick snow coating the city, it’s hard to argue that there is a prettier place to be. And whilst the city is small it is less than half an hour away from the Takhini Hot Springs and the Yukon Wildlife Preserve making this place perfect for exploring the natural wonders in the area. With it being so small, it’s not too expensive either making for an affordable and beautiful getaway.  

Why Glendale is Pushing to Become the new Marathon Capital of the US

The city of Glendale has had a lot of attention in the press recently with their new unveiling of the multiple marathon events that are set to take place over the next two years. There are fifteen individual events in total ranging from marathons suited for young people and ones suited for the older generation. There is a tough mudder style obstacle course for those of you that want to test your strength and really push yourself. Although the tourism and the general attraction to Glendale that has come with the announcement of these marathons is a very welcome boost to our cities economy the question has been raised just why so much focus has been placed on hosting these marathons in the first place.  

If you are interested in taking part in any of the marathons then why not apply today and receive your full runner’s package including sponsorship forms where you can raise money for a charity of your choice whilst getting in a good workout. The coming weeks are going to be very busy in preparation for the first of these marathon events and everyone is really excited about them. 



One of the biggest reasons why so many marathons have been organized in Glendale could be to bring extra tourism into the city, tourism brings a lot of people to an area and as many people will be visiting as a leisure trip it is likely that they could bring a real boost to our economy and help out small businesses who would really benefit from some extra custom. After the pandemic, the whole world has really been shaken and a lot of money has been lost particularly within the retail industry. The marathons that are taking place are set to have hundreds and thousands of visitors coming into the city meaning that the next few years are going to be very good for small businesses in the entertainment, hospitality, and retail industries within Glendale.  

Providing an Attraction For Glendale

Glendale is not the most talked-about city in the world so by providing such an extreme amount of marathons within the city it is bound to get people talking and really put the city of Glendale onto the map. After the tough year, we have all had to face the pandemic it is nice to see that by hosting these marathons we can really bring out community together and celebrate the athleticism that is going to be displayed, after a long time of negativity, the positivity that these events have brought around is very welcome. There are a number of industries that are going to really benefit from the increased amount of visitors and the attraction of the marathons, including businesses like private physiotherapists and our world-famous Glendale podiatrist team who will need to be on hand to help the athletes and runners who are going to be taking part in the various events.  

Media Attention

Another great aspect of the hosting of the marathons that is definitely a positive for our city as a whole would have to be the huge amount of media attention that has come with it. Any form of awareness or attention from the press is a positive thing and is something that will inform people who are not already aware of our great cities existence. As I said before the pandemic has caused so many businesses big and small to lose a significant portion of their income as they were unable to work so anything that is going to help encourage more people to visit the city and spend their money is a truly welcome thing. As of now all of the media attention surrounding the marathons and the events has been positive with people celebrating the opportunity to raise money for charity as well as encouraging more people to train and be active in preparation for the big day.  

Celebration of the Importance of Sports

A final reason that could be behind the decision to introduce this amount of sports events packed into a limited time frame could be the celebration of being active. After the pandemic the amount of people tracking [part in regular exercise has seriously dropped, with all of these marathons and so many people who are taking part being residents of Glendale it seems that a lot of people are coming together to help each other get fit and healthy in preparation. With the amount of time we spent indoors being at such a high rate over the last few years, it makes sense that people wouldn’t be as motivated as they once were, however as there are so many marathons there is no excuse for you to not get involved and take back control over your fitness journey. 

Unpacking the New Health Sanctions that could Save Millions

As of right now, the UK has just finalized legislation that will allow for changes to the health sector and new health sanctions. These new sanctions are said to be revolutionary for the future of the medical world and would welcome the introduction of brand new medical technology, along with practices that could save millions.  

These new sanctions are not just improving the medical techniques and equipment that we have access to at the moment, they have also been put in place to improve the overall service that people in the UK gain. It is no secret that there has been some controversy based on corruption that has been occurring in the medical sector. This controversy is mainly based on the companies that the government has funded to support the NHS. Many of these companies simply have not fulfilled their contracts and a large majority of them are not providing quality products to the people that need them the most.  

These sanctions have been put into place with the hope of making seeking medical help much easier. They have also been put into place as a way to hopefully prevent any corruption in the future.  

Now that you know why the new sanctions have been introduced, you may be wondering what the sanctions are.


The Sanction Search 

Now that sanctions are being implemented on medical professionals, more and more of them are in fear of making mistakes within their careers. One of the main reasons why this is the case is because of the creation of a sanction search. Sanction search allows you to gain access to a list of medical professionals that have received penalties and suspensions. Even if these people are allowed to continue to work, it is important that potential patients have the opportunity to learn about any mistakes or negligence that have taken place. After all, medical professionals essentially have the lives of others in their hands.  

The fact that these sanctions are being documented also encourages medical professionals to take more care in their work. There have been several instances where medical professionals have neglected their patients or even taken from their own practices. The fact that these cases can be kept on a permanent record is a very good deterrent and there has already been a decrease in reported cases of negligence and poor behavior.  

What could receiving a sanction mean? 

As I have stated above, you will not necessarily lose your job if you receive any sanctions. It all really depends on the severity of what you have done. For the most part, sanctions will be applied if a patient has made a complaint. Often it is hard to gain evidence that any foul play has happened, however, the patient is always the priority. In order to make the patient happy, the most common penalty that will be put in place is suspension. Implementing a suspension shows that the complaints of a patient are being heard, which is what they tend to look for.  

In more extreme cases, so for instances where there has been a case of extreme negligence, the medical professional may also be fired.  Their name is then added to the sanction search and a list of medical professionals that are no longer allowed to practice. Introducing this has been an important step in the medical field as there had previously been too many instances where doctors had been fired from their practices, only to find a new job at a new practice.  

A lot of the time, receiving a sanction is really no big deal. No matter how long you have worked in the medical profession, it can still be a difficult job. For this reason, it is understandable that people will make mistakes from time to time. As long as these mistakes aren’t big mistakes, then they will be dealt with privately. This will usually lead to disciplinary or even retraining on some minor elements of the job. 

Sanctions to prevent money waste 

Another reason that new sanctions have been put into place is to prevent money waste. Every year, millions are lost in unnecessary prescriptions. This is not something that has gone unnoticed, especially in the last year. The last year changed the way in which we communicated with our doctors and GPs. There was such an overwhelming backlog of people who needed medical attention, but with the pandemic, a lot of appointments had to happen over the phone.  

With not being able to hold appointments in person, doctors have unfortunately not been so accurate with their prescriptions. During the nationwide lockdown, there was a lot of concern in terms of mental health issues. Millions of people turned to their doctors for help, but without being able to meet in person, lots of people have turned away with prescriptions for anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medication. A lot of this medication was picked up but remained unused as people didn’t think medication was the correct solution to the problems they were facing.  

Doctors also prescribed a lot of items without having contact with the people they were prescribing them to. Though they had their medical records, they didn’t really have a clue of their current medical state and so were not prescribing medications that were needed.  

There was an influx of steroid prescriptions for people suffering from chronic or joint pain, though for the most part these steroids were given to the right people, a lot of people got them that didn’t really need them. Steroids are extremely expensive to manufacture and the NHS really doesn’t have the money to prescribe them to people who don’t really need them.  

This is a big issue as steroids are available to purchase privately and do not need private prescriptions, some of the best legal steroids you can find online are extremely safe and low cost, so this would be a good alternative to using the NHS’s valuable money. 

There is no monitoring on the amount of medication that is immediately prescribed to patients without a thorough examination to ensure that they need it. Any medical professional who is found to be wrongly prescribing medication could face disciplinary hearings.  Though this may seem like an extreme way to deal with this issue, it is important that the NHS depends wholly on funding, and therefore it is important that no funding is being wasted.  

It is also important to remember that a lot of these medications take a long time to make and some medications can only be accessed in small quantities. These medications could be life-saving for some people suffering from serious medical conditions, so it is important that none is wasted.  

Financial misconduct sanctions  

Medications are not the only things within a medical setting that require monetary funding.  Every medical facility will have its own budget, which is used to pay for medical equipment and other necessities. In previous years, before sanctions were put in place, it was very easy for people in control of the budget to misuse their position. There have been dozens of cases where someone has found to be using the budget to cover their own personal matter or even ordering items on behalf of the medical facility, but keeping them for their own personal use.  

Once again, this did not go unnoticed. For this reason, a lot of new people were appointed to the treasuries of certain medical facilities. Sanctions were also put into place as an incentive for people to not commit any crimes while working in the medical sector.  

Though it is unfortunate that these sanctions were even necessary, they have proven to be very successful. Budgets seem to be increasing or staying afloat, which means that patients will get the best medical care that they can get.  

What does the future hold for sanctions?  

People fear that adding too many grounds for sanctions could be threatening to people who work in the medical sector. Many fear that a very basic and human mistake could lead to them leaving their jobs. It is important to remember that a lot of careful consideration goes into the steps that could lead to someone facing sanctions and they are only put into place when necessary.  

With the improvements that sanctions are already showing it looks as though even more will be added in order to further the success. Even if you don’t like the sanctions, you have to remember that the main reason for their existence is to protect patients and ensure the safety of the NHS.  

People believe that sanctions should be put in place to deal with government officials that work with medical legislation, to ensure that all of the legislation that they put into circulation have the safety of people in mind and not just money.  There have been too many cases of medical legislation being put into place in order for politicians to create relationships with bigger companies, which does not benefit patients at all.  

Gaming News: Is PlayerUnknown In Financial Trouble? 

PlayerUnknown Battlegrounds is a very popular, fun-to-play video game. It’s a multiplayer game which makes it super appealing as it allows friends and family to play together, and it is a battle royale style game. It was developed by PUBG and was inspired by the early 2000’s film ‘Battle Royale’ and it was released by them onto Steam in March 2017, later that month it was released onto Xbox One and the following year in 2018 it became a mobile game. As it became available on more platforms is became even more popular and had more people playing it than ever.

It’s a highly competitive game and there have been hundreds of players finding sneaky ways to one-up their opponents for the win, if you’re one of these people then have a look online for these cheats and tips as this will help you win more with pubg mobileIt’s an enjoyable game as each round it basically resets and you have an equal chance of winning as the rest of the people you’re playing against as players don’t start with any equipment, they all parachute into the same map and have to find tools and weapons once they land meaning no player has an advantage with better equipment before the game begins. Despite the success of the game initially, in recent gaming news, there have been rumors circulating that Player Unknown is in financial trouble, keep on reading to find out more. 

Financial Background 

Player Unknown Battlegrounds got off to a great start financially, when it was initially released in March 2017 in the first 3 days alone the game had made $11 million, which is a huge amount even for a video game. Then following the initial purchases in the next month sales exceeded $34 million which means this game lands a place on the top 10 list for highest-grossing revenue within 1 month. This trend continued, by the start of May the game had brought in $60 million and by the end of May, only 3 months after its release the game had reached $100 million in sales revenue, reaching this major milestone faster than extremely popular games such as Minecraft. In 2018 its popularity grew even more, it became the 2nd most downloaded mobile game in the world, with over 300 million downloads. The country that this game was most popular in and made up most of the market was China with 29% of all the game’s downloads. 

What Changed 

This game was received better than ever expected, it gained a big audience on release and managed to carry on attracting more players consistently and grew even bigger the following year. So, what happened then for a game that was doing this well to end up with the company that developed it in financial trouble? The reason they’re now in financial trouble is due to the Chinese government legislation changes around in-game selling. As we told you earlier China was the biggest market for the game, so this change was really damaging, the developers of the game are still waiting for the approval of the Chinese media regulator. Many people believe it is due to politics between the Chinese and South Korea, although Beijing hasn’t formally imposed a ban on things by South Korean companies, since 2017 no games based on South Korean content have been granted approval by the media regulator. This has massively impacted the earnings of the game and it is unlikely to be resolved unless South Korea and China improve their relationship. 

Deconstructing Trends: How Vaping Became so Popular

Tobacco leaves have been the source of a buzz or a subtle rush for thousands of years. Along with nicotine, tobacco in cigarettes has provided an addictive pleasure that many governments around the world have taxed heavily to make it an expensive pastime. Cigars and at one-time snuff was popular, though the last couple of decades has seen the popularisation of vaping, without some of the problems created by nicotine.


The Decline of Smoking

Only a few decades ago when it seemed that most people smoked, it was fashionable to be seen with a cigarette. In fact, stars of the sport of screen endorsed the product. Women who smoked were looked upon as chic. Tobacco companies paid stars thousands of dollars – as well as a year’s supply of cigarettes – to promote their products on and off-screen. A report published in the journal Tobacco Control in 2008 reveals how Hollywood stars made millions promoting tobacco. In 1937-8, actors including Gary Cooper, Joan Crawford, Clark Gable, and Spencer Tracy, were each paid $10,000 (the equivalent to $146,000, or £80,000, in today’s money) by American Tobacco to promote its Lucky Strike brand. That year, the cigarette company paid film stars $218,750 – more than $3m at today’s prices. Almost 200 stars, including two-thirds of the top box-office actors of the late 1930s and 1940s, were contracted to tobacco companies.

By the early 1950s, the tobacco industry switched its attention to the TV. But by 1980, smoking on screen was making a comeback, despite increased knowledge of the dangers to health. Around that time ‘The Marlboro Man’ could be seen on billboards across America and in most parts of the world between 1954 and 1999. The image created by Marlboro of the white, adventuresome cowboy, alone on the frontier, was cultivated by 19th Century Wild West Shows. Before this campaign, Marlboro was considered a “women’s” smoke. Within a year of Marlboro Man’s debut, the company went from holding only a one percent market share to being the fourth bestselling brand in America. America loved Marlboros: Sales hit $5 billion in 1955, an over 3000 percent increase over 1954—the year prior to the Marlboro Man campaign.

Before these popular slogans were “Reach for a Lucky instead of a sweet,” “More doctors smoke Camels,” and Marlboro’s early “Ivory tip protects your lips.”  The good times for tobacco companies came to an end with restrictions on who and where people could smoke followed by multi-million-dollar lawsuits brought about by families of cancer victims that saw many tobaccos file for bankruptcy.


Rising Costs

The sky-high cost of smoking cigarettes publicized health risks and bans on smoking in public places has seen the rise in vaping. The man recognized as the inventor of vaping is a Chinese smoker and pharmacist Hon Lik who introduced what we know as the e-cigarette in 2003. Back in 1927, Joseph Robinson came up with the first “electric vaporizer,” a device he said was for “medicinal compounds.” What was believed to be the first US patent for an “electric vaporizer” was filed by him. Robinson believed his device would it easier to inhale vapors “without any possibility of being burned.” Herbert Gilbert filed a patent for this “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” on April 17. 1963 and Jed Rose, who invented the first nicotine patch, experimented with “distilled smoke” in his laboratory at UCLA in the 1980s.

Lik was a heavy smoker who used up to three packs of cigarettes a day. He was determined to invent a new device after his own father, who was also a smoker, died of lung cancer. “I believed that if I could use vapor to simulate cigarette smoke, this could help me,” Lik, who now smokes cigarettes and vapes commented.

There is evidence that e-cigarettes can help people quit smoking if they’re part of a larger cessation program and receive support and counseling. The British government’s medical service the NHS wrote: “A major UK clinical trial published in 2019 found that, when combined with expert face-to-face support, people who used e-cigarettes to quit smoking were twice as likely to succeed as people who used other nicotine replacement products, such as patches or gum. You will not get the full benefit from vaping unless you stop smoking cigarettes completely. You can get advice from a specialist vape shop or your local stop smoking service.